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WorkSite Lighting, LLC Announces New
H.I.D. Explosion-Proof Flashlight

Bright, rechargeable explosion proof flashlights improve the tactical abilities of crews to safely search and locate

WorkSite Lighting, LLC Press Release - 9/8/2011

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H.I.D. Explosion Proof Flashlight

WorkSite Lighting, LLC Provides Powerful, H.I.D. Explosion Proof Flashlights with a 2500 Foot Beam of Light to Improve Hurricane Evacuation Response, Search and Rescue Missions.

PRAIRIEVILLE, La. - WorkSite Lighting, LLC Announces new H.I.D. Explosion Proof Flashlights, with a 2500 foot beam of light to improve hurricane evacuation response, search and rescue missions and better meet the needs of emergency response crews.

A Hurricane response unit's effectiveness is dependent on having lightweight, portable sources of bright light that can go anywhere, including confined spaces with volatile fumes or vapor that could ignite from flashlights that burn too hot. In response, WorkSite Lighting, LLC announces their new explosion-proof flashlight to meet the needs of first responders and emergency crews tasked with locating life and resources during emergency situations. Bright, lightweight, water proof, rechargeable and rated for use in hazardous areas is what FEMA, first responders and hurricane response units have requested.

"Go long and go anywhere are just a couple of terms used to describe WorkSite's technologically advanced H.I.D. explosion-proof flashlight rated for use in hazardous areas" says General Manager, Alex Robeau. "Go long" with an H.I.D. bulb capable of projecting a 2500 foot beam of light increases the ability of a flashlight to identify a target or light an area from a distance. "Go anywhere" tested to U.L. 783 standards for use in hazardous areas, enables first responders and F.E.M.A. directed emergency crews to carry out their mission near potentially damaged gas lines, refineries, chemical holding tanks, gas stations and other hazardous location areas. The flashlight's I.P. (international Protection) rating of 68 against intrusion of water, when using the waterproof battery pack, ensures tactical units of the reliability required in wet or submersible environments associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. WorkSite Lighting's informative website at provides additional information for tactical units tasked with such missions.

First Responder, F.E.M.A and Emergency Crews require the brightest flashlight available to conduct effective evacuation, search and rescue missions. WorkSite Lighting Explosion-proof rated flashlights offered by WorkSite Lighting, LLC meet class 1 division 1 and 2 standards for hazardous location areas. WorkSite Lighting, LLC's knowledgeable staff has 30 years experience in manufacturing explosion proof and hazardous location lighting for emergency management groups. Find detailed product and contact information about all of their explosion proof lighting product online.

About Worksite Lighting

Worksite Lighting is a U.S. manufacturer with thirty years of experience in producing portable power distribution centers, explosion proof lighting and portable contractor lights. They can custom manufacture products in-house for general jobsite and hazardous location areas. Focusing on quick turnaround times, Worksite Lighting is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. They specialize in serving the oil and gas industries, including onshore and offshore exploration, refineries and power plants.

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