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Ultrafire and Uniquefire Flashlights
Now Available From Lazerpoint

Amongst the new arrivals there were also Senko lights

Lazerpoint Press Release - 9/19/2011

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UniqueFire UF-008B

UniqueFire UF-008B CREE Q5 5-Mode 230 Lumens LED Flashlight

SHENZHEN, China - Solar flashlight store Lazerpoint announced yesterday morning that Ultrafire and Uniquefire flashlights were available on the site.

Johnson Gray, Public Relations manager for Lazerpoint announced that Lazerpoint had introduced a series of branded flashlights, including Ultrafire and Uniquefire. Amongst the new arrivals there were also Senko lights.

According to Mr. Gray, it was not a surprise that Lazerpoint introduced branded products.

"Lazerpoint has been online for only two months, therefore, loads of products are still under the plan but not in stock. We will add more and more branded products in the future," said Mr. Gray.

LED craze made LED flashlight gradually keep a foothold on the market. In order to respond to the call of the government and people's requirements, Lazerpoint was specialized in providing energy-saving lighting products. Ultrafire and Uniquefire flashlights were only part of them, said Johnson Gray.

"Traditional flashlights have faded away. The entire world is advocating energy conservation and environment protection. Lazerpoint wants to contribute its strength on this issue," said Mr. Lee, the CEO of Lazerpoint.

Mr. Gray also warned people to watch out for phony Ultrafire and Uniquefire flashlights on the market.

"There are lots of bogus Ultrafire and Uniquefire flashlights on the market. The price of those Ultrafire and Uniquefire flashlights is under 100RMB while authentic Ultrafire and Uniquefire flashlights cost about hundreds," said Mr. Gray. "People have to keep their eyes open."

About Lazerpoint

Lazerpoint, an online supplier focused on discovering and supplying affordable energy-saving and cutting-edge lighting products. With approximately 1000 items across almost 40 categories Lazerpoint provides flashlights, lasers and LED lights for people all over the world with free shipping. All the products have gone through three standard quality control processes at our warehouse before they can be shipped.

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