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PureEnergy Wire-Free Patent
Granted in the United States

According to industry researcher IHS iSuppli, sales of wireless charging devices will soar in 2011

Pure Energy Visions Corporation Press Release - 9/29/2011

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WildCharge™, wire-free conductive charging technology

WildCharge™, wire-free conductive charging technology

TORONTO, Canada - Pure Energy Visions Corporation, ("PEV" or the "Corporation"), and PureEnergy Solutions, Inc., ("PES") are pleased to announce that PES has been granted a significant US patent for its WildCharge™, wire-free conductive charging technology.

The patent covers a battery compartment door for portable electronic devices, such as a cell phone, that incorporates conductive wire-free power receivers, where power is then passed through to the phone via internal contacts positioned within the battery compartment. This patent together with its other wire-free and energy storage patents results in close to 50 Pure Energy patents issued to date, with additional patents pending both domestically and internationally.

"As licensing is a key element of our wire-free business we are very pleased to have this critical wire-free patent granted," said Mr. Phil Sustronk, PES' Chief Executive Officer.

According to industry researcher IHS iSuppli, sales of wireless charging devices will soar in 2011 as consumers frustrated by traditional mobile phone plugs rapidly adopt the relatively simpler technology. The market for such devices, which includes charging pads, phone skins and other products that charge mobile devices without plugging them in is expected to grow to $885.8 million this year, up more than sevenfold from last year. By 2015 the market is expected to reach revenues of $23.7 billion.

About Pure Energy Visions Corporation

Pure Energy Visions Corporation is an investment holding company with its principal investments in Pure Energy Solutions, Inc., and Linyi Huatai Pure Energy Co. Ltd. On May 4th, 2011 Pure Energy Visions Corporation announced that it will acquire 100% of Pure Energy Solutions Inc. through a share exchange merger.

About PureEnergy Solutions, Inc.

PureEnergy Solutions, Inc. is a Boulder, CO-based company that is revolutionizing power delivery to portable electronic devices through its branded WildCharge™ wire-free power technology and its environmentally responsible rechargeable battery products sold under private label and under the PureEnergy™ brand. PureEnergy Solutions is the first company to offer commercially available wire-free charging technology that works with multiple devices across multiple brands. It is the only battery company in North America to receive the EcoLogo certification for its leadership in battery design. Through its Technology Licensing Program and Mark of Interoperability, PureEnergy Solutions allows licensing partners the ability to create and manufacture products that integrate highly efficient, wire-free, technology into their products and bring those products to market very quickly. PureEnergy Solutions enjoys a growing network of licensing partners and distributors and its products are sold in over 12 countries. For more information on PureEnergy Solutions products and licensing capabilities, go to or for more information on investment opportunities with Pure Energy Visions Corporation, go to

About Linyi Huatai Pure Energy Co. Ltd.

On July 27, 2011 Pure Energy Visions Corporation announced the signing of an equity joint venture agreement with Linyi City Huatai Battery Industrial Corp. (Huatai), for the manufacturing, sales and distribution of Pure Energy's patented rechargeable alkaline (RAMcell) batteries to the Chinese domestic retail and OEM markets.

Established in 1998, Huatai is one of the leading battery manufacturers in China with annual production of more than 2.5 billion batteries. The new company will be located in a new 6,000 square meter facility in Linyi City. Through the joint venture, Huatai will focus on RAMcell production and battery sales within China, while Pure Energy and its partners will focus on expanding sales outside of China. Production of AA RAMcells is expected to begin in the first half of 2012, using new state-of-the-art, high speed automated equipment from Hibar Systems Limited of Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada. The new high speed line, combined with Chinese production and Huatai's significant buying power, is expected to result in a high quality product at a reduced cost.

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