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Founder of, Gordon Swan, is pleased to debut his latest business venture Press Release - 10/5/2011

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Extreme Beam Alpha-TAC S.A.R.7

Extreme Beam Alpha-TAC S.A.R.7

MOULTONBOROUGH, N.H. - Web entrepreneur Gordon Swan is proud to announce the launch of his specialty business, The site, launched in May 2011, boasts a wide variety of professional-grade LED tactical flashlights, as well as affordable standard LED flashlights.

"Many of our customers are the men and women of law enforcement - SWAT, fire department, search and rescue - as well as fieldsmen, hunters and spelunkers," said Swan. "When lives are on the line, our LED lights are on the job!"

Among the tactical LED flashlights on the job is the ExtremeBeam Alpha-TAC S.A.R. 7 which features an anti-recoil pin and was specifically designed for the use of United States Marines. Other standout ExtremeBeam models include the Alpha-TAC XT8 ProRanger LED and Alpha-TAC XT8 Flash LED. Hunters will want to utilize the Browning Tactical Hunter Light Alpha that emits 80 lumens. The Leupold MXc LED flashlight 621 is ideal for adventurers because it can be set at 10 lumens for general use, 120 lumens for an ultra bright shine, and it can also be set into 40 lumen SOS mode in case of emergency. Notable brands also featured are BSA LaserGenetics, Energizer, NCStar, Tungsten, and NovaTac.

On the site customers will find discounts on standard LED flashlights from brand names like Princeton Tec Quad, Streamlight, and Maglite. Particularly popular are head lamps, which are useful for spelunkers, night hiking, or any work in darkened areas that require both hands free. Not only are LED flashlights useful for recreation and professionals, they are also an essential component of an emergency preparedness kit, as LED flashlights illuminate better and longer than a conventional flashlight.

Customer service is of the utmost importance at Each flashlight and lantern is screened for quality and durability. Once an order has been placed it is filled and shipped promptly. Customer feedback is welcome, with questions sent directly to Swan so he can personally assist shoppers during their purchase process.

"I'm trying to present something that is going to be dependable," said Swan. "I'm committed to presenting the best bulb, the best equipment, the best batteries - if I don't then I will deem that as a personal failure."

For additional information about the tactical lights featured, please visit the site's new blog, Swan takes the time to break down the specifications and uses of each flashlight models in his posts so shoppers can make an informed purchase. - Reach for the Power!

About the Company: - a division of Swan Investments LLC - is owned and operated by web entrepreneur Gordon Swan.

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