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Nichia Files Twin Lawsuits
Alleging Patent Infringement

Two Lawsuits Filed Again against EVERLIGHT's White LED Products

Nichia Corporation Press Release - 10/5/2011

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Nichia UV LED

Nichia UV LED

TOKYO, Japan - On October 4, 2011, Nichia Corporation ("Nichia"; head office: Anan-Shi, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan; Representative Director: Eiji Ogawa) has filed two patent infringement lawsuits in Tokyo District Court to enjoin Tachibana Eletech Co., Ltd. ("Tachibana"; head office: Osaka-Shi, Osaka Prefecture, Japan; Representative Director: Takeo Watanabe) from infringing Nichia's patent (No. 4530094, or "patent No. 094") and to claim damages for the infringement with regard to white LED products (product number: GT 3528 series and 61-238 series) manufactured by EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. ("Everlight"; head office: Tu-Cheng City, Taipei County, Taiwan; Chairman: Robert Yeh), the largest LED assembly manufacturer in Taiwan, and imported, sold, etc. by Tachibana.

Nichia has asserted its rights in all regions of the world against any infringements of Nichia's patents, and has taken firm steps against infringements of Nichia's patents in the Japanese market in particular. However, the recent behaviors of Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese LED chip and package manufacturers in the Japanese market, disregarding and infringing patent rights, has grown intolerable. As one of the means to counter such infringements of Nichia's patents in the Japanese market, Nichia has filed a lawsuit in August 2011 against a company that sold white LED products of Everlight, to which the defendant thereto acknowledged that the white LED products fall within the scope of the claim of Nichia's patent and terminated the sale, etc. of the products. The present lawsuits following this lawsuit seek termination of sale, etc. by Tachibana as well.

Note: Outline of the asserted patent:

Typical white LEDs presently found in the market achieves white colored radiation by combining LED chips emitting blue light with phosphors emitting light of yellow and other various colors.

The asserted patent in this lawsuit (patent No. 094) is a patent on technology regarding the density of the phosphor inside such white LED, and is not limited to white LEDs using a certain type of phosphor.

About Nichia

Nichia is recognized as the world leader in InGaN LED and laser diode technology. In 1993 and 1994, Nichia developed the world's first high brightness InGaN blue and green LEDs. In 1995, Nichia demonstrated the world's first InGaN violet laser diode operating in pulsed operation at room-temperature. In 1996, Nichia developed a white LED by covering an InGaN blue LED with phosphor (thereby mixing blue light and down-converted yellow light to create white light). In 1998, Nichia developed the world's first InGaN yellow LED. And in 1999, Nichia began commercial sales of InGaN violet laser diodes; a sampling program of 440 nm InGaN blue laser diodes followed in 2001. Nichia is the world's only commercial supplier of InGaN laser diodes.

Nichia was established in Japan in 1956 to manufacture calcium phosphate used in the production of fluorescent lamp phosphors. Since that time, Nichia has grown in the field of manufacturing and sales of fine chemicals, particularly inorganic luminescent materials (phosphors), high brightness LEDs, and, recently, laser diodes. Nichia was formerly known as Nichia Chemical Industry Company, Limited.

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