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LED Lenser Wins World Records Award
with Largest Flashlight Ever!

LED Lenser unveiled and won the Guinness Book of World's Records award for their brightest creation yet

LED Lenser Press Release - 10/5/2011

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13-foot-long replica of LED Lenser's X21

13-foot-long replica of LED Lenser's X21

SOLINGEN, Germany - This weekend, at the The Lichternacht, Solingen's Festival of Lights, LED Lenser unveiled and won the Guinness Book of World's Records award for their brightest creation yet, a 13-foot-long replica of their powerful X21 model. The existing record was achieved in 2010 and held until now by Moonlight Trading, LLC from the United Arabian Emirates (UAE). Their flashlight was about half the size.

While the for-retail model of the LED Lenser X21 features an impressive seven LEDs and produces a powerful 1120 lumens, the Guinness-Award-winning model has 19 LEDs and produces 100,000 lumens (hard-wired, 30,000 on batteries).

"The light is not just high performance, it is the result of some of our best performers here at the company," says Managing Director of the German LED Lenser, Sven Objartel. The giant torch took 230 hours to develop and produce. It is also - surprisingly - very efficient for its size.

"LED lights are up to 13-times more efficient than conventional light bulbs, and last 1000-times as long," Objartel says. "This light that emits 100,000 lumens only requires 1000 watts of energy, whereas the 250 conventional 40-watt bulbs it would take to compete with that require 10,000 watts of energy."

Fast Facts:

Material Weight: 287 lb / 130 kg of aluminum
Batteries Weight: 176 lb / 80 kg
Length: 13 feet / 400 cm
Number of LED Lamps: 19
Output on Batteries: 30,000 lumens on battery
Output Hard-wired: 100,000 lumens with 230 volts of power
Design: Based on the X21
Design and manufacturing time: 230 hours

About LED Lenser

LED Lenser, a Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. company produces a line of lights and headlamps, for everything from camping, diving, running, hunting and fishing to industrial trades, DIY and law enforcement. Sizes range from keychain to 1000+ lumen, heavy-duty defense lamps. As of June 1, 2011, Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. became the official distributor of LED Lenser lights in the United States and they are now available via store-front and online retailers around the country. MSRP ranges from $15.00 to $500.00 USD. All lights are backed by a five-year warranty. For more information about the Leatherman Tool Group, Inc., or LED Lenser US contact Juli Warner, Public Relations Manager,

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