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Edison Opto Announces
Federal FM Series Multi-Chip LEDs

Federal FM LEDs deliver up to 750 lumens@700mA in Cool White and 550 lumens@700mA in Warm White

Edison Opto Corporation Press Release - 11/17/2011

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Federal FM Series LED

Federal FM Series LED

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan - The Federal FM Series LED is a multi-chip LED in a small footprint package which presents a high lumen performance. Now is available in the full spectrum of White, RGBA, RGBW mixing colors, and single color such as Red, Blue, True Green. It offers great performance in a single ultra small component of only 5mm x 5mm.

The brilliant dimension brings excellent color mixing, simplifies optical issue and also reduces overall system cost for designers.

The Federal FM LEDs deliver up to 750 lumens@700mA in Cool White and 550 lumens@700mA in Warm White. Moreover, the single color of Federal FM LEDs provides 380lm@700mA in Red, 540lm@700mA in True Green and 150lm@700mA in Blue.

Their bright and high-performance characteristic makes it especially suitable for high lumen applications such as in-door lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting or LED replacement lamps. Secondary optics for the Federal FM LEDs is also available as options.

The multi-color Federal FM Series is the smallest multi-chip LEDs in the industry at the moment. The multi-color LEDs deliver a brilliance of color mixing and lighting quality to many applications ranging from architectural, decorative, entertainment to stage lighting. The multi-color Federal FM components can also be applied to a related square module and related lenses which have been designed by Edison Opto.

About Edison Opto

Edison Opto Corporation is a Taipei, Taiwan based global leading high power LED manufacturer. The company offers a comprehensive product line ranging from 1 Watt to 100 Watt, single-chip to multi-chip, and high flux to high CRI. The diversified product offering will answer to even the most challenging fixture designs.

Edison Opto is composed of innovation enthusiastic people proficient in opto-electronics. Innovating in new technology, making profit for our employees and shareholders, and benefiting the community remain the corporation philosophy of Edison Opto since it was established in October 2001.

At Edison Opto, we never stop challenging the limitation in all aspects to create the ideal LED products for the emerging solid-state lighting field. With accomplishment in R&D, we wish to transform our expertise in LED technology fashion applications that will not only enrich our life style but also promote a better living environment for the global community.

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