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COAST Debuts
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The new A-Series lights include COAST's proprietary Max Beam™ optics

COAST Products Press Release - 11/7/2011

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New COAST Products Flashlight Models

New COAST Products Flashlight Models

PORTLAND, Or. - COAST Products announces both the new A-Series, six next-generation professional use LED flashlights built into stainless steel cases and the all-new HP7 LED flashlight with a rugged 5.5 inch aluminum casing.

The A-Series is a new line of professional use flashlights includes six stainless steel models.

The A9 is a powerful, reasonably-priced work flashlight that slips easily into a shirt pocket. The A9 projects 23 lumens, it's lightweight at only 1.6 ounces and pencil-thin at just 0.37 of an inch in diameter. The A25 produces 196 lumens of light output that shines over 600 feet.

Go HERE to see the other model lights within the A-Series.

The new A-Series lights include COAST's proprietary Max Beam™ optics, delivering maximum light output for any application, at any beam setting. COAST lights have a clear, consistent and bright light at every point across the beam, with no dark spots or banding.

"Like all our new LED lights, the A-Series has vastly improved light output and optical quality," said COAST president David Brands. "They have been professionally designed and are built to rigorous standards with the best components available. Everybody should own one or more quality LED flashlights that they are certain they can depend on."

The HP7 Flashlight has a patent-pending Pure Beam™ Focusing Optic system with Fingertip Speed Focus Control™, lock the beam focus with the Beam Lock™ System, and projects 207 lumens of brilliant light with four AAA batteries, delivering a runtime of 3.5 hours. It has a beam distance of 187 meters (613 feet) and offers high and low beam modes.

The Pure Beam™ Focusing System produces a pure, bright consistency across the entire beam; no matter if you want the tightest spot or widest flood of light. The flashlight's unique spot-beam optics provide a clear, bright center, while also showing a wide angle "halo" so you can see what's going on around your primary target.

"Like all our new professional lights, the HP7 has improved light output and optical quality," said Brands. "These are the two most important factors in the performance of flashlights and headlamps."

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