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'Quake Escape' Lights the Way to Safety
When an Earthquake Strikes

Intelligent light and alarm is automatically triggered by seismic motion to instantly illuminate safety routes

SAFE-T-PROOF Earthquake Preparedness Products Press Release - 11/7/2011

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Quake Escape earthquake safety light

Quake Escape earthquake safety light

SAN DIEGO, Ca. - Aptos Design Labs USA, Inc. has launched retail distribution of its Quake Escape earthquake safety light and alarm at the SAFE-T-PROOF Earthquake Preparedness Product Store. Quake Escape immediately lights the way to safety the instant an earthquake begins.

This easy-to-install, battery-operated device can help ensure that escape routes throughout a house or building are illuminated automatically, eliminating the need to fumble for a light switch or search for a flashlight during a power outage when there is precious little time to escape. In such instances, Quake Escape's instant illumination can truly be a lifesaver. SAFE-T-PROOF, a global retailer of earthquake preparedness and safety products and an expert in seismic safety, retails Quake Escape for $39.95 through its online store, worldwide distribution network, and additional Internet outlets.

Quake Escape's unique microprocessor-based "Intellisense" technology detects seismic motion on X, Y and Z axes, distinguishing between true seismic activity and motion caused by slamming doors or banging on walls. Quake Escape triggers automatically the instant an earthquake begins, sounding a 15-second alert beep and activating its powerful LED lights to illuminate a room, corridor or stairwell. Powered by three triple-A batteries, Quake Escape provides up to 48 hours of continuous lighting.

Says Aptos Design Labs USA, Inc. president Gene Rosenthal, "I was once trapped on the underground floor of a building right after an earthquake. Power was cut and it was pitch black inside, making it impossible for us to see our way out. We designed Quake Escape to provide an automatic solution to this serious safety issue in any home or office."


SAFE-T-PROOF Earthquake Preparedness Products, headquartered in San Diego, CA, offers a comprehensive line of earthquake safety products and survival kits, as well as seismic fastening systems to secure furniture, appliances and equipment, in residential and industrial environments, from movement and falling during earthquakes, helping protect people and property.

SAFE-T-PROOF retails through its online store at,, additional Internet outlets, and its representatives and distributors worldwide.

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