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Survival Tool Incorporates
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Solo Scientific is rolling out its new Ion Flashlight Firestarter

Camping Press Release - 12/1/2011

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Ion Flashlight Firestarter™

Ion Flashlight Firestarter™

FULTON, N.Y. - A completely new piece of survival equipment has been announced that is already generating great interest among survivalists and wilderness campers. Solo Scientific is rolling out its new Ion Flashlight Firestarter™, which combines both of these essential survival tools into a single, lightweight and compact product. The product will be available from the wilderness and survival experts at

The Ion Flashlight Firestarter combines functions as a flashlight and firestarter, plus it can even be used by qualified medical personnel to cauterize wounds in the field, when necessary, and the magnetic tips can be used to make a compass. The company notes that the device, which is manufactured in the USA using aerospace quality materials, uses a super bright (yet energy efficient) white LED for maximum illumination and an incredible 40 hours of continuous illumination.

"During any outdoor adventure or emergency survival situation there are two pieces of equipment that you never want to be without, a flashlight and a firestarter," said Tom Sciacca, President of "This outstanding tool from Solo Scientific combines both items into a compact, indispensable little powerhouse and the overall feedback we're receiving from our social network has been very positive."

Sciacca also noted that the electrically heated firestarting element of the Ion Flashlight Firestarter is non-consumable, water proof and designed to be both self-cleaning and virtually unbreakable. It also has an integrated rotating switching mechanism that automatically turns off the LED lamp when using the firestarter feature. This makes it possible to direct all electrical energy to the electrically heated firestarting element while in use.

The Ion Flashlight Firestarter also includes safety and reference channels that are permanently machined into the housing, which can be used as both visual and tactile references during operation. The safety and reference channels are also used to house an onboard safety clip that prevents accidental operation of the ion Flashlight Firestarter during storage or transport in backpacks or other stowage containers.

"The firestarter on the Ion Flashlight Firestarter is pretty amazing," Sciacca added. "This thing will ignite leaves, birch bark and just about anything - it's super hot. It is better made than any flashlight you've probably ever used."

Camping is taking pre-orders in advance of the product's arrival, noting they will not charge a customer's credit card until the device ships in mid-November. For more information, visit

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