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LED beacon is visible for over a mile and can run for over 5 hours on a full charge

Larson Electronics Press Release - 12/8/2011

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SPLED-CL1B-M Class 1 LED beacon

SPLED-CL1B-M Class 1 LED beacon

KEMP, Tx. - announced today the release of a solar powered Class 1 rated LED beacon that offers maintenance free operation and 30 different strobing flash patterns. Powered by a 14.3 volt lithium poly battery and recharged via an included solar panel assembly, the SPLED-CL1B-M Class 1 LED beacon is visible for over a mile and can run for over 5 hours on a full charge. This LED beacon is magnetically mounted and ideal for applications where a strong and effective signal beacon is needed yet normal power sources are either unavailable or inconvenient.

The SPLED-CL1B-M solar powered LED beacon provides an ideal lighting solution for use in locations areas where normal power sources are unavailable. The LED beacon on this unit is a Class 1 rated unit producing a brilliant flash that is visible for one mile. This beacon offers 30 different flash modes, allowing operators to tailor operation to their particular applications. A single 100lbs grip magnet fitted into the base of this unit provides an extremely versatile mounting option that will hold the beacon securely in place even under very windy conditions.

The LED beacon is connected to the solar panel and battery assembly via 20 feet of cord, allowing users to mount the panel and beacon independently of each other in order to place the solar panel in the best locations for gathering sunlight. The 15 inch long by 13 inch wide solar panel provides charging power for an integral 14.8 volt LiPoly battery and is designed to be mounted to either square or round poles as well as flat surfaces such as walls.

This solar powered light will run for 5 hours or more on a single charge and the solar panel fully recharges the battery in 5 hours as well with exposure to direct sunlight. also offers several options in order to allow customers to tailor this unit to their specific needs including larger batteries, several different beacon colors, different beacon units, and longer connecting cords. This powerful LED beacon is well suited to use in remote areas or in hard to access locations where there is no power source available and provides an effective signal that is virtually maintenance free in operation.

"The SPLED-CL1B-M is a strobing LED light for an area that has no available access to external power," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "For safety, this light can be invaluable to mark hazards and obstacles in areas that might otherwise be left dark. We have seen a lot of interest for construction sites and rigs, where operators have little grid infrastructure, but need to let others know that an operation is running."

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