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Dorcy Introduces
New Super Bright LED Flashlight

Can throw a beam up to 426 feet and features a twistable focus control ring

Dorcy Press Release - 1/12/2012

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Dorcy 130 Lumen 41-4280 LED Flashlight

Dorcy 130 Lumen 41-4280 LED Flashlight

COLUMBUS, Oh. - Dorcy (, a leading provider of portable lighting products for over 50 years, has introduced the Dorcy 130 lumen 41-4280 super bright LED flashlight. The aluminum LED flashlight, which operates on three included AAA alkaline batteries, can throw a beam up to 426 feet and features a twistable focus control ring for beam adjustment.

Available in yellow or black, it is one of the few LED flashlights to feature a convenient strobe, which is operated by the cap button. It also comes with a durable nylon lanyard. This newest Dorcy LED flashlight weighs just 5.7oz and is only 5.25 x 1.00 inches, making it one of the leaders for brightest flashlight and for LED flashlights of this size.

O-ringed sealed to promote weather resistance, this aluminum flashlight will operate for three hours on a set of alkaline batteries. The LED flashlight is trap blister packaged using environmentally-friendly PET plastic with 15% less material to reduce excess waste.

About Dorcy

Dorcy is a global designer and manufacturer of lighting products and systems that markets more than 850 items to residential, commercial, industrial, and government customers around the world. Headquartered in Columbus OH, Dorcy also has offices in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong. Dorcy was the first manufacturer to bring LED technology to the mass market by offering the Cool Blue flashlight in 2001.

As a company, Dorcy is known for innovation, and they continually strive to bring new technology to their product line, which has grown to include flashlights, batteries, camping lanterns, area lights, submersible LED lights and safety lights. Continuing to develop brighter and more efficient lighting products, Dorcy is focused on bringing to market the best product for the best price.

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