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2012 Product Catalog

Hey, buddy. Check out this catalog!

TerraLUX, Inc. Press Release - 1/17/2012

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TerraLUX LightStar300 LED Flashlights

TerraLUX LightStar300 LED Flashlights

LONGMONT, Co. - TerraLUX, Inc., leaders in LED portable lighting products and OEM lighting solutions has released their 2012 Product Catalog. The catalog lists every TerraLUX product from their flashlights, to worklights, conversion kits and accessories. Everything you would ever want to know about TerraLUX's line of portable LED lights can be found within these pages.

Hey, buddy. Check out this catalog!

TerraLUX catalog

About TerraLUX Inc.

TerraLUX Inc. is headquartered in Longmont, CO and invents, designs, patents, manufactures and distributes innovative high-power LED OEM solutions for general lighting as well as industrial, commercial, medical and retail markets. TerraLUX also produces LED Embedded Light Modules to replace incandescent bulbs in commercial lighting as well as many popular flashlights and lighting tools. LED lighting is energy efficient and can provide significant relief from current energy consumption.

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