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Ecom Introduces
Three New LED Lighting Solutions

Make the Future Look Brighter with Intrinsically Safe Lighting Solutions by ecom instruments Inc.

ecom instruments Inc. Press Release - 2/2/2012

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Intrinsically Safe flashlights and headlamps by ecom instruments

"Intrinsically Safe flashlights and headlamps by ecom instruments"
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HOUSTON, Tx. - Ecom announces the introduction of three new lighting solutions that significantly enhance their overall product group for Portable Lighting for North America.

The 3AA eLED CPO represents the smallest 3AA intrinsically safe flashlight in the market, with the most powerful LED that provides an unsurpassed brightness and lighting distance along with superior battery performance.

Providing an even greater output with 500 feet lighting distance and 32 hours of operating time, makes the 3C eLED CPO the smallest intrinsically safe flashlight of its kind. The unique feature of this new lighting series is Proprietary Compound Path Optics (CPO) which permits high efficiency and compact size. In addition, a lightweight intrinsically safe headlamp option for complete hands-free illumination is introduced to ecom's comprehensive product portfolio.

The 3AAA eLED VIZION I with 3 selectable beam patterns, rotating beam angle, outstanding LED brightness and superior battery performance has two different power settings and is supplied with a non-slip rubber band which fits to every helmet or hard hat. All three solutions have Class I, Division 1 Certifications for North America.

These portable lighting solutions are now available at ecom's Online Store at For additional information call 281-496-5930 or e-mail us at

About ecom instruments Inc.

Through the development of intrinsically safe equipment for use in Ex-classified areas, ecom instruments has dramatically shaped this sector over the past 25 years. The company offers a wide range of solutions in its four principal product groups of Mobile Computing, Communication, Measurement & Calibration and Portable Lighting. These are used around the world for various industrial applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the oil and natural gas industries as well as in the pharmaceutical, mining, energy and environmental sectors. Today the company is a global market leader in the field of portable explosion-protected equipment.

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