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Vortex Introduces New
Rechargeable Handy OutdoorLite TS8

TS8 is using a rechargeable battery which can be re-used around 500 times before discarding

Ascent Fair (Hong Kong) Ltd. Press Release - 2/17/2012

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Vortex OutdoorLite TS8

Vortex OutdoorLite TS8

HONG KONG, S.A.R. - Ascent Fair (Hong Kong) Limited, a manufacturer of lighting products, has introduced rechargeable handy flashlights-TS8 into Vortex OutdoorLite series.

The built-in buzzer allows users to seek help from surrounding area in an emergency. It is easy to operate - simply press the tail cap switch. Attackers will be shocked and scared by the high pitched sound at the same time users can grasp this golden opportunity to escape. Also, the buzzer can awake rescuers' attention during search activity and can help in positioning. With optional traffic wand, both visual and hearing can alert rescuers. It definitely increases the survival rate and has the potential to save life.

The newly launched TS8 utilizes a Type III Hard-anodized aluminum which provides superior protection against wear and corrosion. They are also designed to be as handy as possible and light in weight. This combination allows users to confidently employ the flashlights in different circumstances.

With energy-saving technology, TS8 is using a rechargeable battery which can be re-used around 500 times before discarding. There are no heavy metals to pollute the environment and the batteries obtain RoHS certificate. TS8 is using the newest, most powerful Cree XP-G LED as light source. Coupled with our technology, it provides the Vortex OutdoorLite TS8 with ultra-brightness and longer lifetime performance.

General features:

1. Alarm function
2. Type III Hard-anodized aluminum
3. Rechargeable
4. Using Power Cree XP-G LED
5. 100%, 30% & 10% intensity
6. Long runtime, up to 60hrs in 10% intensity
7. Blinking & SOS function
8. Rotary switch

For more information about Vortex, visit the company's website at, email or call (852)26726691.

About Ascent Fair (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Ascent Fair (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a leading lighting manufacturer established in 2000. The factory in China has over 15-years experience in manufacturing aluminum flashlight and is the pioneer in rechargeable LED aluminum flashlights. The company aims at building a long term relationship with customer by stressing on fair and happy business. It provides innovative and professional flashlights to the global market.

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