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Vortex Introduces the First
Safety Flashlight Kit for Car Users

It is a must for cars due to its easy carriage and storage

Ascent Fair (Hong Kong) Limited Press Release - 10/9/2012

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Vortex Flashlight 'Driver Pro'

Vortex Flashlight 'Driver Pro'

'Driver Pro' Carrying Case

'Driver Pro' Carrying Case

HONG KONG, S.A.R. - Ascent Fair (Hong Kong) Limited, a manufacturer of lighting products, has introduced the first flashlight kit - Driver Pro - for car users. It is a must for cars due to its easy carriage and storage with packed in a tailor made tooling box. It can support the victim to survive in the "Golden 72 hours" in disasters especially with the Buzzer, SOS signal and emergency charging up mobile phone functions.

The unique Driver Pro is specially designed with built-in buzzer for those who are suddenly attacked by enemies. It features an emergency alarm function accessible by pressing the end cap switch and capable of immediately signaling for help from the surrounding area when the user is threatened. Any attackers will be shocked and surprised by the alarm and users can then grasp a chance to escape from danger. The alarm lasts for 45 hours and the loudness is up to 115dB.

The flashlight can be assembled with a tripod and a traffic wand and put at the back of the car to act as warning device. It is useful and helpful to signal car failure or traffic accidents to other road users. No matter the heavy rain, fog and other adverse conditions, Driver Pro is the best safety device to support the users.

The accessory portable mobile phone charging USB device acts as emergency power supply to provide an emergency charging up service to your mobile phones once they run out of battery. A perfect partner for your mobile lifestyle.

The humanized design of Easy Regulating System (ERS) can regulate the brightness from 100% to 5% intensity and users can adjust to their desirable intensity by simple operation. This energy saving mode provides a long runtime up to 150 hours in 10% intensity.

Driver Pro features:

1. Unique plastic tooling box
2. Energy saving mode provides longer runtime
3. The strobe function can blind the criminal temporary
4. SOS mode provides lighting signal for help
5. Buzzer function
6. Act as warning device
7. Environmental rechargeable Ni-MH battery can be re-used around 500 times before discard
8. Power supply backup to mobile phone
9. Ability to charge up the flashlights in car with car charger

For more information about Vortex Driver Pro, visit the company's website at, email or call (852)26726691.

About Ascent Fair (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Ascent Fair (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a leading lighting manufacturer established in 2000. The factory in China has over 15-year experience in manufacturing aluminum flashlight and is the pioneer in rechargeable LED aluminum flashlight. The company aims at building a long term relationship with customer by stressing on fair and happy business. It provides innovative and professional flashlights to the global market.

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