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Panther Vision Launches
POWERCAP EXP 200 That Puts Other Headlamps to Shame

Panther Vision® creates new LED Hat that shines over 600 feet

Panther Vision Press Release - 10/14/2012

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POWERCAP EXP 200 Headlamp Lighted Hat

POWERCAP EXP 200 Headlamp Lighted Hat

CHICAGO, Il. - Panther Vision®, creator of the POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hat has launched a new headlamp hat that puts out an astonishing 181 lumens and shines out to more than 2 football fields.

The POWERCAP® EXP 200 Headlamp is like a headlamp on steroids built into a cap!! Its 3-watt, brim mounted LED provides more than 171 Lumens and illuminates out to 191 meters (that's more than 2 football fields). Not to be outdone for close up tasks, it also has four 3mm LED's on the underside of the brim for reading, working with your hands or lighting up your footfall area. It does all this while being so perfectly balanced on your head that it feels just like your favorite cap. With a lightweight AA battery pack on the back, this is the most comfortable and well balanced headlamp available.

"We believe that consumers shouldn't have to choose between comfort and quality hands-free lighting gear," said Mike Carter, Vice President & General Manager. "Our POWERCAP EXP 200 takes a high quality, stylish ball cap and incorporates some of the brightest LED lighting technology in the marketplace. We can't imagine why anyone would ever want to don a traditional headlamp again."

With the POWERCAP EXP 200, there is no more fumbling with awkward straps that can slip or trying to get the headlamp positioned so the light shines in the right spot. Wherever you look, the light shines. This LED Hat is perfect for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, or just about any outdoor activity.

These caps are available in black microfiber or Real Tree® AP Camo pattern - a favorite among outdoorsman. 3 AA batteries are included and provide up to 294 hours of battery life. In case you accidentally leave it on, a built in battery saver feature turns the hat off after 15 minutes of inactivity. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Panther Vision, users can feel confident that these caps will provide years of comfort and dependable light for all low-light situations.

Check out the new POWERCAP EXP 200 Headlamp Hat and the whole line of POWERCAPS and other hands-free lighting products at For Sales and Marketing inquiries, please contact Mike Carter at 847-783-5900 ext.106.

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