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2.5 Hour Run Time HID Hunting Spotlight

The RL-85-HID spotlight offers longer run times than most rechargeable hunting spotlights

Larson Electronics Press Release - 12/8/2012

KEMP, Tx. - Larson Electronics' added the RL-85-HID long range hunting spotlight with a two and a half hour run time on a single charge. The RL-85-HID spotlight is the rechargeable version of the popular HL-85-HID hunting spotlight.

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35 Watt HID

15 Million Candlepower Handheld Spotlight - 35 Watt HID - 3200 Lumens - Spot / Flood Combo

In effort to meet the demands of the hunting community, Larson Electronics' has added a rechargeable version of its popular HL-85-HID hunting spotlight. The RL-85-HID features the same lightweight pistol grip styling of its corded predecessor with a 2.5 hour run time lithium ion battery. The lightweight battery pack snaps into the base of the 3200 lumen handheld spotlight much like the battery pack of a cordless drill. Priced at $496.00, the RL-85-HID's accessory list includes a red lens assembly popular with hunters.

"The RL-85-HID spotlight offers longer run times than most rechargeable hunting spotlights," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics. "Using a lithium ion battery pack keeps the weight down, while enabling the operator to charge the battery as much or as little as they need. Lower cost rechargeable spotlights typically use small sealed lead acid batteries which require more maintenance than most people have people have time for. The RL-85-HID spotlight offers a much longer run time and battery life with less weight, all backed by a 3 year warranty. "

About Larson Electronics'

Larson Electronics produces a wide array of hunting spotlights, including models that plug into the cigarette lighter and rechargeable spotlights. Please visit or contact 1-800-369-6671 for more information.

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