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Mammut T-Peak

This diminutive lightweight boasts extreme brightness thanks to its innovative optics

Mammut Press Release - 12/5/2012

SEON, Switzerland - Smaller, lighter, brighter. The Mammut T-Peak is the perfect head lamp for alpine activities and fast endurance sports. This diminutive lightweight boasts extreme brightness thanks to its innovative optics.

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Mammut T-Peak Headlamp

Mammut T-Peak Headlamp

With its flexible combination of one HiLux.LED and two Definition.LEDs, the lamp provides all the light you need - whatever the situation. It even has a boost mode for extra range. Rounding out this universal head lamp are a battery indicator and an alpine emergency signal.

Mammut's mission is called "Light under Control". The illumination provided is well-targeted with no waste thanks to the perfectly matched combination of light source, specially designed optics and high-efficiency electronics. This produces optimal values in terms of illumination, range and battery life across a range of applications.

The good-looking product offers ease of use, thought-through functionality and reliability, and ensures mountaineers are prepared for all eventualities - and not left in the dark!


LED type: 1 x HiFlux.LED, 2 x Definition.LED
Light range max: 70 m
Battery life max: 100 h
Light pattern: Floodlight LOW 10 m / 100 h
Floodlight HIGH 20 m / 50 h
Dual-light 40 m / 30 h
Spotlight 55 m / 20 h
Boost light 70 m
Weight: 38 g / 72 g (incl. batteries)
Batteries: 3 / AAA incl.

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