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Nitecore and Team Up to
Donate Flashlights to Storm Victims

Deputy Chief Cliff Spencer Jr., of Westbrook fire department happily received 20 Nitecore M2HA flashlights Press Release - 12/1/2012

WESTBROOK,Ct. -, an online distributor of flashlights and batteries, has teamed up with Nitecore, a top-selling flashlight manufacturer, to donate Nitecore's brand-new flashlights to emergency response teams in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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Pictured: (from left to right): employee, Jeff Samperisi, Westbrook Deputy Chief Cliff Spencer Jr., employee Danielle Kravet

Nitecore, a technology manufacturer specializing in high-end LED flashlights, donated 50 units of their new M2HA hybrid rechargeable and AA flashlights to be distributed to the areas which were affected by Hurricane Sandy., one of Nitecore's largest distributors, is located on the shoreline of Connecticut, an area which has been greatly affected by the past three huge New England storms. With thousands of people still recovering from Sandy and this past October's nor-easter, and with hurricane Irene still fresh in everyone's memories, flashlights have become an increasingly valuable tool for residents. The shelves of many local stores were cleared out of flashlights and batteries in the days before the approaching storms, leaving many households without access to adequate gear when they most needed it.

Nitecore and wanted to make sure Connecticut residents will be prepared in the event of another storm, which is why they teamed up to donate these brand new lights and corresponding batteries to local emergency responders and fire departments across the state.

This Monday, Deputy Chief Cliff Spencer Jr., of Westbrook fire department happily received 20 Nitecore M2HA flashlights, valued at over $1,500. The Westbrook Fire Department plans to hold these lights and dispatch them to local residents who are still suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy or to people who might need them in the event of another storm or power outage.

"These flashlights will come in very handy with all the storms that have devastated our area recently," said Deputy Chief Spencer, "We have seen so many people out of power and their homes destroyed from these past few storms, we are glad we will be able to provide another form of relief to residents in need."

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