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New UCO USB Charger
Doubles as a Convertible Lantern

Arka USB Charger + Lantern + Flashlight™ functions as emergency signal and charging station

Industrial Revolution, Inc. Press Release - 1/3/2013

TUKWILA, Wa. - Multi-function devices are essential for efficient outdoor adventures whether you are hiking, camping, boating or enjoying nature another way. And, in today's ultra connected world, staying in touch even in the middle of nowhere is often a must. The new Arka USB Charger + Lantern + Flashlight™ from UCO eliminates the need to pack a lantern, flashlight, emergency light and portable charging station.

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StretchLite XL LED Lantern

StretchLite XL LED Lantern

Instead of lugging around essential lighting products and a separate portable device charger or solar charging pad to power your electronic devices off the grid, the Arka can serve as an all-in-one solution. Smartphones, cellular phones, GPS units, digital cameras, audio speakers and any other electronic devices that can be charged through a USB cord can be powered by the Arka. Whether you want to place a call, locate your position on a map or watch a movie, the Arka can give you the battery boost you need.

Powered by a rechargeable 4AH Li-Ion battery, the frosted globe of the Arka can be extended for use as a lantern with diffused white light, or collapsed to use it as a flashlight. The lantern has five lighting modes including: high and low light, plus 3 red LEDs for night vision, strobe, and emergency S.O.S. strobe.

Additional features of the Arka include an LED indicator light that displays battery level and charging status, a split ring to hang the lantern, and extendable legs for added stability when positioning the lantern on the ground. Highly water resistant, the Arka weighs 7.5 ounces. When open, the lantern is 7.75 inches long, 5.25 inches long when closed, and 2.5 inches wide. It has a beam projection of 250 feet and will run for 6-8 hours on high and up to 100 hours on low beam.

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About Industrial Revolution, Inc.

Dedicated to burning the candle at both ends to bring innovative ideas to the outdoor recreation market, Industrial Revolution, Inc. is the manufacturer of diverse products including UCO Candle Lanterns, YayLabs! Ice Cream Balls, Grilliput portable grills, and Pedco tripods and clamps. Additionally, Industrial Revolution exclusively distributes products in North America for Light My Fire, Esbit, DAJO Adventure Gear and PowerTrekk. The company is based just south of Seattle, WA, and its products are widely used by outdoor enthusiasts the world over.

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