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New HYBRID™ Batteries from Rayovac Deliver Best of Both Worlds

Spectrum Brands Press Release - 1/03/2007

New Technology Combines Convenience of Alkaline and Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries

Rayovac HYBRID AA Rechargeable Batteries

Rayovac HYBRID AA Rechargeable Batteries

MADISON, Wi. - Each year, consumers spend more than $3.5 billion on batteries for everything from digital cameras to flashlights. But despite the obvious benefits of rechargeable batteries, including less environmental waste and costs savings over time, less than 5% of all the batteries sold in the U.S. are rechargeable. A new product from Rayovac promises to change all that. HYBRID™ Batteries, featuring a breakthrough technology, deliver the benefits of rechargeable batteries, but eliminate common user frustrations to provide the world's most user-friendly rechargeable battery to date.

Rayovac, one of the nation's top battery brands, has identified two main reasons why consumers have not been purchasing rechargeable batteries at a high rate since their introduction to the marketplace in 1996. One, all rechargeable batteries on the U.S. market today need to be charged, sometimes as long as a full day, prior to initial use. This makes them rather inconvenient for the consumers who recognize a need to use rechargeable batteries immediately, right out of the package.

Two, once charged, rechargeable batteries left sitting will discharge rather quickly when not in use, so they are dead when you are ready to use your device. Some batteries can drain in less than a month, without ever being used. Consumers accustomed to purchasing the always convenient alkaline batteries are often turned off by their first experience with traditional rechargeable products.

"Consumer frustrations with current rechargeable batteries have fueled our search for new technology at Rayovac, where we have strived to launch a product that changes the way the world looks at rechargeable batteries" said Sean Martin, vice president at Rayovac. "HYBRID rechargeable batteries combine all the economic and environmental benefits of rechargeables with the convenience and user-friendly attributes of the more common alkaline batteries."

The new HYBRID batteries from Rayovac offer many benefits over both rechargeable and alkaline batteries on the market today. HYBRID batteries come charged and ready to use, which allows consumers to use them upon purchase. This is not the case with any other rechargeable battery on the U.S. market, which often need to be charged for several hours before use. The new batteries from Rayovac also self-discharge at a much slower rate, which means they stay charged for up to one year after charge.

The HYBRID batteries are also user-friendly because they work in all NiMH chargers and are suitable for use in any device.

The most important benefits, perhaps, are the performance and endurance characteristics of the HYBRID batteries. The new batteries hold their charge up to four times longer than conventional rechargeables when not in use and last three times longer than alkaline in high drain devices like digital cameras.

In addition, the HYBRID batteries make overall economic and environmental sense. It is estimated that one HYBRID battery can replace up to 1,500 alkaline batteries, giving consumers the ability to save thousands of dollars and keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills.

The HYBRID batteries from Rayovac are available at major mass, drug and department stores. Consumers can learn more about HYBRID batteries at

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