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USBCELL Recognized as One of the Best British-Designed Products of 2006

Moixa Energy Holdings Press Release - 1/04/2007

Rechargeable AA batteries with built-in USB charging circuitry selected as finalist

USBCELL can simply be recharged from your laptop

USBCELL can simply be recharged from your laptop

LONDON, U.K. - Moixa Energy, the world's newest battery company, has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Design Week awards in February 2007 for best consumer product. USBCELL is part of a wider low-energy strategy that Moixa Energy is developing to address a number of key issues in modern home device power.

Simon Daniel, Director of Moixa Energy, commented: "We feel that our message of developing cleaner technologies for the future is finally starting to be heard. USBCELL is proof that greener products can be developed stylishly, commercially and rapidly by UK companies to meet global demand, and help consumers save money and do their bit for the environment."

USBCELL, which is available internationally from at GBP12.99 per pack, was snapped up and stocked by a number of key UK retailers, such as Currys, Currys.Digital and PC World, and online retailers such as Firebox and Amazon in the US, within 2 months of announcement in September.

Starting with an AA battery that is designed to be more usable than other batteries, the USBCELL includes an in-built charger and USB connector enabling it to be charged from any USB port, without the need of an external charger or cable. It is therefore easier to charge and re-use than conventional rechargeable batteries, and provides convenient portable power for wireless PC devices, games devices and other consumer electronics. It is more economic for consumers as can be re-used hundreds of times, and better for the environment as helps reduce battery waste.

USBCELL is part of Moixa Energy's wider low-energy strategy and commitment to invent low power energy technologies that are more usable, economic and less wasteful for consumers home, office or mobile power requirements, and aims to:

  • Reduce energy consumption, production waste and hence Carbon Footprint
  • Rethink the energy Axiom - the AC/240v mains supply which is becoming inappropriate and wasteful for the increasingly low power needs of modern devices
  • Deliver greener energy solutions that can be integrated faster into home and more rapidly enable migration to local micro-power generators and low power networks

About Moixa Energy

Moixa Energy Holdings undertakes R&D and investment in renewable energy and portable power technologies. For more information see or for the recent battery technology launch.