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Magnaflux Introduces
New Black Light Meter and White Light Meter

Digital light meters are calibrated and certified for NDT use

Magnaflux Press Release - 1/12/2007

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Magnaflux Digital Light Meters

Magnaflux Digital Light Meters

GLENVIEW, Il. - MAGNAFLUX, a Division of Illinois Tool Works Inc. and a leading worldwide supplier of magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspection materials, accessories and equipment, introduces two brand new black light meters calibrated and certified specifically for NDT use. The Magnaflux Digital White Light meter and Digital Black Light meters are easy to use and amazingly priced far less then you would expect.

The Magnaflux Digital Black Light Meter (P/N 622339) has an accurate digital readout of black light intensity (microwatts/cm2) and includes UV light meter,permanently affixed black light sensor, battery and carrying case.

The Magnaflux Digital White Light Meter (P/N 622338) accurately measures visible light by foot candles and lux, and includes UV light meter, permanently affixed white light sensor, battery and carrying case.

About Magnaflux

As an Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company, MAGNAFLUX is part of a family of companies that design and manufacture fasteners, components, assemblies and systems for customers around the world. Through proven business systems and practices, based on teamwork with customers and suppliers alike, the men and women of ITW are creating superior products, solutions and work environments.

For more information, you may visit our website at or contact MAGNAFLUX Customer Service at 847-657-5300.

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