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Energizer® Miniature Batteries Help People Keep Going

Energizer Holdings, Inc. Press Release - 1/12/2007

Battery maker teams up with fitness expert to offer advice for consumers to stay healthy, long
after resolutions have been made

Energizer Miniature Batteries

Energizer Miniature Batteries

ST.LOUIS, Mo. - As millions of motivated Americans are heading to the gym in search of a healthier New Year, Energizer Holdings, Inc. launched a program today to help keep those workout resolutions attainable. The company is teaming up with author and certified personal trainer Jenny Hadfield to find out more information on the devices that consumers are using to reach their fitness goals, in hopes of gaining insight into their workout behaviors.

Whether resolving to tighten, trim or tone -- Energizer, a leader in portable power, and now, the official battery of New Year's fitness resolutions in 2007 -- is committed to helping people stay healthy to "keep going" for more than a couple of weeks into the New Year.

"We know it's tough to stay motivated right after the holidays. That is why we conducted a survey of exercise trainers, to find out how they keep going," said Anne Bannister, director of marketing for specialty batteries at Energizer. "We want to educate people about the devices proven to help during a workout, as well as the batteries that power up those health devices."

The Energizer® Keep Going® fitness survey confirms that many consumers lose the motivation to continue exercising within the first month of starting a new fitness regimen. In fact, 22.4 percent of those surveyed said people become unmotivated after only two weeks of exercising regularly, leaving little room for a healthier and more fit start in 2007.

"As a coach and personal trainer, I know I can encourage my clients to keep up with their fitness routines," said Hadfield. "But in order for me to give them the encouragement they need, my clients have to be motivated and committed enough to take the first step and come to the gym."

When it comes to exercise, Hadfield believes strongly that the tools of the trade are very important in keeping consumers motivated and on the right track to meeting their goals.

And she's not alone. Findings showed that 42.5 percent of trainers recommend their clients use heart rate monitors to help keep a fitness regimen going strong. Nearly 90 percent of trainers also found that other battery-powered fitness devices, such as calorie counters, body fat analyzers, and pedometers are commonly used by their clients (at a rate of 41.7 percent, 39.0 percent and 38.9 percent respectively).

"It's very important that the fitness devices consumers use to monitor their progress and keep them on track are ready to go when they are," said Hadfield. "Because these devices are part of the routine, choosing the right batteries for long-lasting power is critical."

Hadfield uses Energizer miniature batteries in the various health and fitness devices in her gym, and suggests her clients do the same. In addition to choosing the right batteries to power a workout, Hadfield joins the 34.6 percent of trainers surveyed in advising clients to have fun during their workout by exercising with others.

"Running is group therapy at its best: Before I know it, the run is done, I've enjoyed it, and I've had great quality time with my friends," Hadfield says.

Hadfield also offers the following tips to keep New Year's health and fitness resolutions going:

  • Get into a routine right after the New Year. In fact, 39.5 percent of the trainers surveyed agree this will help maintain fitness resolutions.
  • Set attainable goals: tackle them one at a time to keep up enthusiasm.
  • Know what batteries your fitness devices take and have backup sets available, in case additional power is needed. The most popular sizes for small batteries include coin cell-shaped varieties identified by numbers such as 357 and 2032.
  • Create a plan for incorporating fitness and good nutrition into your resolutions.
  • Always maintain that sense of humor. If you can laugh at yourself, you will go far!
  • Never give up, and never give in. You never know what is around the next corner.

"Energizer is proud to help people maintain a healthy outlook for the new year, and by teaming up with Jenny Hadfield, we hope to provide some helpful tips and much-needed motivation to keep fitness resolutions long-lasting and enjoyable," said Bannister. "As the official battery of 2007 New Year's resolutions, we want to encourage everyone to stay healthy and keep going."

About Energizer:

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