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Moppels Are Poised To Storm The U.S. Market

LightsAndKnives.Com Press Release - 1/24/2007

LightsAndKnives.Com is the first American distributor of this year’s hit consumer product.

Moppel LED Flexible Light

Moppel LED Flexible Light

PORTLAND, Or. - LightsAndKnives.Com, a Portland, Oregon based online retailer of discount LED lights and personal knives, has begun to sell their full line of Moppel flexible LED lights through their secured website. Dubbed “flexible lights with a personality,” Moppels come in ten styles and can operate from three or more power sources. Resembling flexible human or animal stick figures, Moppel users can bend them, shape them, or stick them just about anywhere. After a successful test run in Europe and Australia, Moppels are now ready to invade the American marketplace.

”We’re excited about being the first distributor in the U.S. of the popular Moppel flexible LED light characters,” stated Rob Willhite, Business Development Manager of DLK at LightsAndKnives.Com. “Moppels are both fun and practical, something that the whole family will want to collect.”

The Moppel family now consists of ten characters including the original three legged Moppel. With three options for a power source, Moppel characters can be placed just about anywhere as they are able to run on batteries, through an automobile power jack, or by plugging in to your computer’s USB outlet. Each Moppel is embedded with a warm LED light that is perfect for reading, working on the computer, operating as a nightlight, for use as a flashlight, or just for fun.

“There are now ten Moppel characters, so we are selling the entire collection through our online store. The original Moppel is joined by his friends Helper, Snake, Dino, Space, Genius, Mars, Flexman, Driver, and Spaceman. All Moppels come with magnetic hands and feet while some also have attachable suction cups for additional usage options, “ explained Willhite.

As with all products sold on the LightsAndKnives.Com website, each Moppel character is being offered for sale at an attractive discount.

“We sell discount LED lights and knives, therefore Moppels will be sold below the prevailing retail rate with shipment available to virtually any address in the world,” said Willhite. “Customers will obtain additional savings by choosing to go with our preferred shipper which is UPS.”

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LightsAndKnives.Com is a leading online retailer of discount LED lights and knives. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company offers LED lighting options for general, professional, tactical, and outdoors use as well as kitchen cutlery, Puma knives, and hunting and fishing knives.

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