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Aluminum Alloy LED Flashlight Resistant to Water

Shyguang International Co. Ltd Press Release - 1/30/2007

Flashlights utilize 0.5 watt LEDs and feature 18 lumens stated output

Shyguang International's Aluminum LED Flashlights

Shyguang International's
Aluminum LED Flashlights

HONG KONG, Cn - Shyguang International Co. Ltd is offering model TM-319X, an LED flashlight featuring a precision-machined aluminum alloy barrel with a titanium-anodized finish.

The water-resistant product is fitted with a 0.5W superbright white LED, which has a service life of 100,000 hours. A PC lens protects the LED. The push switch comes in a two-stage design and is covered with rubber.

The model has a luminous flux of 18 lumens. It measures 28x209mm and is powered by three AA alkali batteries. The batteries can provide power for 100 hours when using a low beam and 30 hours when on a high beam.

Similar models TM-317X and TM318X measure 28x117 and 28x159mm, respectively.

Logos can be printed or engraved on the barrel.

Price is given on direct inquiry. The minimum order is 1,000 units per model. Delivery is within 45 days after receipt of an L/C.

About Shyguang International Co. Ltd

To meet the great demand on new generation of LED lighting products, Shyguang International Co., Ltd has established in 2003 as a professional manufacture and exporter of LED flashlight.

Our base office is in Hong Kong and factory is located in Huizhou with over 300000 square meters. Well equipments include a full set of advanced machinery such as computer numerical control machine, injection machine, blow mod machine, laser engrave machine etc. Actually, we do one stop service.