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LE Magnalight Expands
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Expanded line-up of remote controlled spotlights features 200-pound grip magnetic bases

Larson Electronics Press Release - 1/30/2007

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Golight Stryker 3049 Wireless Remote Control Spotlight

Golight Stryker 3049 Wireless Remote Control Spotlight

FLOWER MOUND, Tx. - Larson Electronics ( expanded its line of remote controlled spotlights enhanced with magnetic base. Currently, Larson Electronics offers the complete line of Stryker remote controlled spotlights with 5-inch diameter, 200 pound grip magnetic bases, 16 foot cords and cigarette plugs.

The remote controlled spotlights with magnetic base offer the semi-permanent mount without the difficulty of permanently mounting the light. While no drilling is necessary, the remote spotlights continue to stay affixed to the vehicles and equipment, even under highly vibratory conditions. The Larson Electronics Magnalight enhanced remote controlled spotlights with magnetic base are excellent alternatives to the permanent mount spotlights with wireless remote controls.

The 12 volt DC Stryker line of remote controlled spotlights with 200 pound grip magnetic base, 16 foot cord and cigarette plug feature 370 degrees of motorized rotation and 140 degrees of motorized tilt. The remote controlled spotlights are operated by wireless handheld and/or dash mounted remote controls, featuring 2 speeds of operation, on and off switch and 4 directional buttons. The line includes GL-3000-M (white with handheld remote), GL-3051-M (black with handheld remote), GL-3100-M (white with dash mount remote), GL-3151-M (chrome with dash mount remote), GL-3006-M (chrome with handheld remote), GL-3106-M (chrome with dash mount remote), GL-3067-M (white with 2 remotes), GL-3066-M (chrome with 2 remotes) and GL-3049-M (black with 2 remotes).

24 volt Stryker remote controlled spotlight alternatives includes GL-3000-24-M (white with handheld remote), GL-3051-24-M (black with handheld remote), GL-3100-24-M (white with dash mount remote), GL-3151-24-M (chrome with dash mount remote), GL-3006-24-M (chrome with handheld remote), GL-3106-24-M (chrome with dash mount remote), GL-3067-24-M (white with 2 remotes), GL-3066-24-M (chrome with 2 remotes) and GL-3049-24-M (black with 2 remotes).

Recently, Larson Electronics Magnalight expanded the 12 Volt DC Radioray remote controlled spotlights to include a 200 pound grip magnetic base, 16 foot cord and cigarette plug. The GL-2000-M (white with wireless handheld remote), GL-2051-M (black with wireless handheld remote), GL-2020-M (white with wired remote control), GL-2021-M (black with wired remote control), GL-2049-M (black with wireless handheld remote and wired dash mount remote) and GL-2067-M (black with wireless handheld remote and wired dash mount remote). The 24 volt DC Radioray remote controlled spotlight models include the GL-2021-24-M and GL-2049-24-M.

About Larson Electronics Magnalight

Larson Electronics Magnalight's assortment of professional spotlights and flashlights include multi-million candlepower American made handheld spotlight, vehicle mounted spotlight, magnetic mount spotlight, permanent mount spotlight, 12 volt spotlight with magnetic base, 24 volt spotlight with magnetic base, Golight spotlight, Golight searchlight and now 12 and 24 volt HID spotlight (HID flashlight) with magnetic base. We have an extensive inventory of Golight spotlights, including wired remote controlled searchlight and Golight wireless remote control spotlight with permanent and magnetic mounting options. Larson Electronics carries police flashlights, police lights, remote spotlights, remote spotlights with magnetic base, rechargeable spotlights, rechargeable flashlights, military spotlights with magnetic base and magnetic tripods. We also carry a range of remote spotlight models and military spotlight products as well as Golight spotlights.

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