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New SureFire 6P Model
Gives Classic Design More Bite

Company updates classic design with new Surefire® 6P® Defender® with Strike Bezel®

SureFire, LLC Press Release - 2/2/2007

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Surefire® 6P® Defender® with Strike Bezel®

Surefire® 6P® Defender® with Strike Bezel®

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Ca. - For 20 years now, the SureFire 6P® Original - with its high-output tactical-level beam - has been the number-one self-defense flashlight choice of many men and women worldwide. The new SureFire® 6P® Defender® enhances this classic's self-defense capabilities by adding a crenellated Strike Bezel™.

Like the 6P Original, the Defender is made of machined aerospace-grade aluminum hard anodized with a Mil-Spec Type II finish, O-ring sealed for weatherproofing, and features SureFire's patented switch lockout to prevent accidental activation during transport or storage. In addition to its new crenellated bezel, the Defender also differs from the Original in that it features an extra-thick Pyrex® window (to withstand the impact of a potential blow) and a click-on/off tailcap for added convenience.

"Customers asked for this light, and SureFire listened," said Derek McDonald, SureFire's vice president of marketing. "The 6P was already a great self-defense flashlight and one of our best sellers. The Defender's added features takes this classic to the next level."

The 6P Defender cranks out 65 lumens of tactical-level light (same as the 6P Original), more than enough to temporarily overwhelm an attacker's night-adapted vision, and runs for 60 minutes on a single set of two 123A lithium batteries. It weighs only 5.3 ounces, fully loaded with its two batteries, and is a mere 5.5 inches long. Its power-to-weight/size ratio, durability, and price point - MSRP is $74 - make the 6P Defender the premiere self-defense flashlight in its class.

Both the SureFire 6P Defender and 6P Original are available from authorized SureFire dealers or direct from SureFire by calling 800-828-8809 or visiting

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