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LedEngin, Inc. Launches Its LZ Line of Ultra-High Brightness LEDs

LedEngin, Inc. Press Release - 2/5/2007

LZ product line to include 1w, 3w, 5w, 10w, and 15w LED emitters with improved lumen maintenance

LedEngin, Inc. 10 Watt LED Assembly

LedEngin, Inc. 10 Watt LED Assembly

SANTA CLARA, Ca. - LedEngin, Inc., a leader in Ultra High Brightness LED emitters and light source modules, today announced the successful qualification of the world’s smallest footprint 1W, 3W, 5W, 10W and 15W LED emitters. The company has significantly pushed the envelope in key industry metric for operating life time. Lumen maintenance exceeds 90% on average after 50,000 hours, far better than competitor’s products.

LedEngin’s LZ product line include its single die 1W, 3W and 5W LEDs in ultra-small, surface-mount packages which are 4.4 millimeter on each side and its 4 dice 10W and 15W LEDs which are 7 millimeter on each side. The LZ product line is offered in red, green, blue, dental blue Infrared (IR) and Ultra Violet (UV) and white color options. The qualification includes all 17 of the industry’s accelerated reliability & qualification tests. Particularly, all products passed Wet High Temperature Operating life (WHTOL, 85C/60% RH, at 1050 mA) with lumen maintenance exceeding 95% after vigorous 4000 hour WHTOL tests far stringent than any competitive products on the market.

“Our team is very pleased with the successful qualification of our highly differentiated products,” commented David Tahmassebi, Chief Executive Officer of LedEngin, Inc. In explaining the significance of this event, Tahmassebi added: “Our customers are increasingly interested in highly reliable products which maintain their lumen output and color temperature over time. Reliable LED products are becoming increasingly important in specific applications such as street light applications, medical equipment and general illumination markets in which the operating cost of changing the fixture or LEDs are high. We are proud to be the first company reaching such milestone.”

LedEngin has developed its unique Ultra High Brightness (UHB) LED Components and solid-state Light Source Modules based on the company’s patented state-of-the-art High-Power LED packaging technology. The company has extensive technical expertise in thermal management, stress management, optical design, materials, and manufacturing processes. As a result, LedEngin components are ultra small, ultra bright, and are ideal for space-constrained applications. All LedEngin components are reflow solderable, lead-free and ROHS compliant.

About LedEngin, Inc.

LedEngin, Inc. develops and manufactures industry leading high-power LED components and solid-state light engine modules for variety of applications. Its patented unique technologies in thermal management, stress management, optical design, and manufacturing processes deliver LED components with industry leading Lumen per Area and Lumen per Watt and enable emerging applications to reach volume production quickly.

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