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Enfis Launch Uno & Quattro Light Engines & Arrays

Enfis Press Release - 2/7/2007

LED light engine family includes unit designed for flashlights and portable lighting tools

QUATTRO Light Engine

QUATTRO Light Engine

SWANSEA, U.K. - Enfis formally launched a range of high performance LED Light Engines and Arrays to the open market. Enfis’ light engine products are available in two platforms, the QUATTRO and the UNO.

The QUATTRO is Enfis’ premium high output product rated at 200 Watts and emitting 3500 lumens. The QUATTRO is a 16cm2 array containing up to 1600 RGBA high power LED chips and is driven by Enfis’ own proprietary drive circuitry.

With the QUATTRO it is possible to select a colour output from a palette of 4 billion colours near instantaneously via a digital interface, DMX or DALI protocols.

The QUATTRO Light Engine intelligently measures light output as well as the thermal load of the array and guarantees optimum performance and colour temperature. This product is expected to revolutionize the architecture and entertainment lighting markets.

Enfis claim that this is the brightest SMART LED array available to the markets and has been made viable through Enfis proprietary array and light engine technology.

Shaun Oxenham CEO of Enfis said about the launch “These products have been four years in the making, and we at Enfis are delighted to see the QUATTRO and UNO products going to the market now, as there is clearly a high demand for reliable, plug and play light engines that can deliver the promise of Solid State Light”

Enfis also launched their smallest array, the UNO, which is <1cm2 and is brighter than our competitor’s products that have four times the foot print of the UNO. The UNO is available from 18 Watts to 36 Watts from UVA through to IR and White, and comes in a plug and play light engine format with integrated drive electronics and thermal management system in a compact and easy integrate unit.

Dr Gareth Jones, CTO of Enfis said, “These are the first products to be offered to the general market for lighting and specialist applications. The high power density and colour changing SMART array technology offers our customers a range of truly versatile and flexible light sources based on energy efficient, long life solid-state lighting technology.”

Enfis expects this product to dominate specialist lighting applications, entertainment/architecture lighting, and industrial and medical illumination applications. The UNO light engine is also available in a portable version for high performance flashlight roles such as security or sensing applications.

About Enfis

Enfis was founded in 2001 as a spin-out from Swansea University, which has a long history of innovation in the handling of power devices and the thermal management of semi conductor devices. Enfis conceived technology to enable high brightness LED array products to be realized and brought to market. Enfis is headquartered in the UK and was initially funded by the venture capital company Wesley Clover Corporation, chaired by Sir Terry Matthews, founder of Mitel and Newbridge Networks. Enfis business is to develop semiconductor based light source modules and systems using the latest advances in semiconductor optoelectronic device fabrication, thermal management and optical design technologies.

Enfis has extensive Intellectual Property and know-how in the application of efficient thermal management techniques so that heat can be removed effectively during the operation of these devices. Enfis has developed the optical design technologies and devices for efficient coupling to maximize illumination of the ‘target application’ region.

Enfis is now a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of intelligent High Power Light Emitting Diode (LED) arrays and smart light engines. Our Company's product lines combine the numerous advantages of LED's as a light source with our patent-pending thermal management Technology for use in a number of what some suppliers see as “challenging applications”. Our Innovative LED power-packaging technologies are integrated into systems to deliver light where it's needed in a reliable and controllable manner.

Enfis has developed market ready light engines and systems for entertainment lighting, architectural lighting, projection and LCD, sensing and curing, medical applications, dental applications, industrial and aerospace lighting.

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