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Flashlight Features Hammer for Breaking Glass

Wiseco Ind. Ltd. Product Announcement - 2/15/2007

LED flashlight is dynamo-powered and incorporates an AM/FM radio

Wiseco Ind. Ltd Model R23C

Wiseco Ind. Ltd Model R23C

HONG KONG, SAR. - Wiseco Ind. Ltd is offering model R23C, a multifunction flashlight featuring a built-in hammer that can be used for breaking glass during emergencies

A handpowered dynamo generates power for the flashlight. Aside from an amber flashing light, the product incorporates a white LED torch and a siren. Tuner and volume knobs for an AM/FM radio are located on the handle. The model has a voltage rating of 4.5VDC.

Suitable for use in automobiles, the product is equipped with a seatbelt cutter. It also has sockets that can be used for charging mobile phones. The housing is made of plastic.

Price is available on direct inquiry. The minimum order is 1,000 pieces, for delivery 30 to 45 days after order confirmation.

The company exports mainly to the US and Europe.

About Wiseco Ind. Ltd

Wiseco Industrial specializes in electronic novelty items. We have over five years of experience in contract manufacturing projects. We produce mostly electronic novelty items, which are ideal for promotional purposes. Our mold-making team also provides OEMs with customized services from using the latest automated machinery.

We welcome OEM orders for plastic and electronics products. With our experienced engineering base and quick mold tooling procedures, we can handle all your OEM/ODM needs, and even provide customized logos and packaging.

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