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Pelican™ Products, Inc. Hires Case Industry Experts

Pelican™ Products, Inc. Press Release - 2/16/2007

Industry Insiders Have a Combined 30 Years of Experience

Pelican™ Protector Cases

Pelican™ Protector Cases

TORRANCE, Ca. - Pelican™ Products, Inc. has hired protector case industry experts Sylvia Sepulveda and Jim Rooney as sales managers to complement its expanding sales team. The two have a combined 30 years protector case experience in diverse industries such as military, commercial, industrial and OEM.

Lyndon Faulkner, CEO and President of Pelican Products commented on the importance of the announcement: “Pelican is investing heavily as the industry leader in injection molded cases and professional grade flashlights. Having two seasoned managers of such caliber and industry expertise join our team reinforces that Pelican is positioning itself as the company to partner with for the future.”

Sylvia Sepulveda will operate from her West coast office, while Jim Rooney will be based on the East coast. The pair will coordinate efforts with Pelican’s existing sales executives to drive new business opportunities already targeted by Pelican.

“What better way to re-confirm our stated strategy of aggressively driving new and additional business growth through our partners than to add sales executives of this strength to our team”, Faulkner continued. “I am excited that our future business strategy and approach with our customers and partners is attracting such a high level of talent to Pelican”.

About Pelican Products, Inc.

Pelican Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional grade flashlights and Protector™ Cases. The Company is based in Torrance, CA with distribution centers in Barcelona, Spain - Edmonton, Canada - Tokyo, Japan and Adelaide, Australia. Pelican Products was acquired last year by venture capital firm Behrman Capital.

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