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Digital Ohmmeters Provide Low Resistance Measurements

Clare Instruments US Press Release - 2/20/2007

A Portable Solution for Low Resistance Measurement

Series 4000 digital ohmmeter

Series 4000 digital ohmmeter

TAMPA, Fl. - The Series 4000 digital ohmmeter range from Clare Instruments US Inc. provides a practical solution for a wide range of low resistance measurement applications in the electrical/electronic manufacturing and engineering sectors.

The portable and rugged instrument includes a number of advanced features to ensure measurement accuracy including forward and reverse current measurement with auto averaging, true current zero, long scale length and a selectable measurement range from 40mW to 4kW with respective resolutions between 10mW and 1W.

Typical applications include the highly accurate resistance measurement of switches, connectors and other electronic components and the measurement of electrical bonding resistance (metallization) of aircraft and automotive frames.

Within the range, model 4001 also includes temperature compensation, with preset coefficients for copper and aluminium plus user settable coefficients for other materials.

Protection up to 415V rms is provided at the measurement terminals and push button operation is achieved easily by clearly marked function controls. Direct reading measured values are displayed on a four-digit LCD display.

Over range and low battery indication is also provided and warning LEDs illuminate when an open circuit lead condition is detected.

The 4000 Series of milliohmmeters forms part of a comprehensive range of Cropico precision measurement instruments available from Clare Instruments US Inc., part of the Seaward Group.

About Clare Instruments

Clare Instruments has been providing electrical safety test equipment since 1953 and has established itself as the UK leader and supplier of choice in this important market.

Clare Instruments offers a broad range of electrical safety test solutions meeting the requirements of manufacturers in production, compliance in the lab and service/repair. In addition Clare Instruments provides a range of electrical safety testers for the re-testing market of hire stores, installation engineers and service/repair departments.

Committed to providing solutions which meet current and future regulations, Clare Instruments offers a range of industry specific testers meeting international standards such as the Low Voltage and Machinery Directive and Lighting Association Code of Practice.

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