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Night Light, Laser Pointer, and Dynamo Charger - 2/20/2007

Trio of products available for import from Asian manufacturers

Eyston Co. Ltd Model NL-8910

Eyston Co. Ltd Model NL-8910

HONG KONG - Eyston Co. Ltd has released model NL-8910, a security and night light that also functions as a rechargeable flashlight. The unit turns on automatically when the covered area turns dark.

Model NL-8910 can be directly plugged into a 230V AC power supply. It has CE and GE certifications.

About Eyston Company Limited

Eyston Company Limited was founded in 1989. As a specialist in manufacturing professional Home Safety Products, "to improve home safety" is our mission.

Our major product lines include Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detector and Automatic Sensor Night Light. Our goods are exported to a wide range of customers from the US, Australia, Japan, Germany and many other Countries. All of our products have achieved relative approvals, such as UL, SSL and CE, etc.


12 Plus Innovation Ltd Multifunction Laser Pointer

12 Plus Innovation Ltd
Multifunction Laser Pointer

HONG KONG - 12 Plus Innovation Ltd has launched a multifunction laser pointer that has a three-bubble level, stud finder and LED torch.

The product emits a laser beam that can be used as a pointer and a straight-line guide for measuring.

The battery-operated model has a plastic housing. The level is protected by a transparent cover.

Price is available on direct inquiry. The minimum order is 2,000 units, for delivery 30 to 45 days after order confirmation.

About 12 Plus Innovation Ltd

The company also produces hand and power tools. It was established in 2004 and exports mainly to the US and Europe.

Holy Wealth Industrial Co. Ltd Model CC 001

Holy Wealth Industrial Model CC 001

TAIWAN - Holy Wealth Industrial Co. Ltd has released model CC 001, a portable battery charger that has flashlight/torch function. The unit produces its own power by the user's grasping and pressing action of the unit's designated bar/handle. It is suitable for mobile phones, PDAs, portable GPS devices and portable media players.

The 157g unit measures 90x50x68mm. Power output is 5.5V and current output is from 200mA to 500mA.

About Holy Wealth Industrial Co. Ltd

Founded in 1978. Half of the employees are very well experienced engineers in communication field. Since the company founded, Holy Wealth already has had tremendous achievements in the improvement of tooling and mechanical quality over all communication, Network and PC peripheral.

Since year 2005, Holy Wealth has became a customer-oriented manufacturer in Taiwan, we started to set up design house to develop more electronic products, such as PC Peripheral, Consumer Electronic, Car Electronic, Communication Electronic and so on 6C products; To improve delivery procedure, we also invest some factories in Taiwan, to devote ourselves to high technical electronic products, such as GPS, DVB-T, Skype Conference Phone, VOIP related and so on advanced technology electronic industry.

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