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Color Filters Optimize HID PowerLight™ Applications

AE Light Press Release - 2/21/2007

AE Light Introduces Color Filters To Further Enhance HID PowerLight Applications

Color Filters for HID PowerLight Applications

Color Filters for HID PowerLight Applications

GRANT'S PASS, Or. - AE Light, of Grants Pass, OR, just introduced a colorful collection of filters that further enhance HID PowerLight™ applications. Pictured are 6 filters.

The top left IR filter is calibrated to 850 nm for covert operations, (an additional IR 960 nm filter is available), the top Amber filter was designed to help penetrate, smoke, fog, and dust (Kelvin temperature 3000K). The Red filter on the bottom left was created for traffic control, and better night vision, calibrated to 620 nm. The bottom right Blue filter was designed for forensics calibrated to (430-460 nm), peak at 450 nm. The top right Green filter is calibrated to 560 nm for signaling, traffic control, and helps with night vision. The center Diffused lens widens the beam to approximately 65° for occasions the HID PowerLight is needed for close in operations.

Filters are mounted in rubber holders for easy installation. You simply remove a rubber lens cap protector on the light and replace with the appropriate filter (filters come with rubber lens holder). All color filters are designed to fit the PL24/6, PL24/6 Shorty, and PL14 models.

About AE Light

Allsman Enterprises, LLC (AE Light) is an OEM/distributor that thrives on the satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to empower you, the customer, with exceptional service for your lighting needs. With that goal comes the assurance of quality, which we believe is an integral component of success, at any level.

We understand that in order to remain number one, we must continue to improve our ability to provide a level of service that meets or exceeds the expectations held by you, our customers. This concept becomes even more significant in an environment rich with competition and change. Everything we do, from our interactions with customers, to the quality products we handle, must reflect this belief. It is for these reasons, that AE Light, will remain a top supplier of High Performance lighting products. We thank you for your time and look forward to conducting business with you.

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