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LED Keychain Alerts Parent if Child Strays

Chit Shun Enterprises Co. Ltd. Press Release - 3/6/2007

Multifunction keychain helps keep tabs on straying youngsters

Model GRK-1 keychain child-location monitor

Model GRK-1 keychain child-location monitor

HONG KONG, Sar. - The latest release from Chit Shun Enterprises Co. Ltd is model GRK-1, a multifunction keychain that doubles as a child-location monitor.

The product comes with a device held by a parent that detects when the keychain, which is with the child, goes beyond 18ft away. The device emits a musical alarm if the child moves farther than the limit. The keychain is fitted with a button that pages the device held by the parent.

The model has a plastic housing and is fitted with an LED light. It can be attached to a lanyard or an ID clip.

One piece comes in a blister pack.

Price is given on direct inquiry. The minimum order is 3,000 pieces, for delivery within 45 days after order confirmation.

About Chit Shun Enterprises Co. Ltd

Due to the intense competitive pressures we constantly strive to innovate. Our products have sleek styles, are very light weight and are durable. They are priced competitively and have imprint areas that make them well suited to the premiums and promotions markets.

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