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Universal Guardian Launches Nationwide Cobra StunLight Television Media Campaign

Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. Press Release - 3/14/2007

National Commercials and Infomercials To Generate Substantial Revenue

Cobra StunLight

Cobra StunLight

NEWPORT BEACH, Ca. - Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:UGHO), an emerging global leader in non-lethal protection products, integrated transportation and global supply chain security systems and strategic security services to protect against terrorist, criminal and security threats to governments and businesses worldwide, announced today that it has launched its new Cobra StunLight™ commercials and infomercials on local broadcast television and national cable networks across the United States.

"After two months of media testing and focus we are proud to launch our Cobra StunLight™ infomercials and high impact television commercials to consumers across the country who seek to protect themselves and their loved ones from assailants while in their homes, vehicles and businesses," stated Michael Skellern, Universal Guardian's CEO. "We believe that our new commercials and infomercials will translate into substantial revenue and profits as we clearly demonstrate the everyday use, safety and effectiveness of the Cobra StunLight™ to millions of potential customers throughout the nation," added Mr. Skellern.

"The new 60 second, 2 minute and half hour infomercials represents a significant investment by Universal Guardian and involved one of the best production companies in the business, including Big Shot Pictures which has 3 of the top 10 infomercials on television today, including Bowflex and Nutrisystems" stated Keith Winsell, Universal Gaurdian's VP of Marketing. "Our Cobra StunLight™ infomercials and commercials showcase the unique self-protection and safety advantages that only the Cobra StunLight™ can deliver," added Mr. Winsell.

The patented Cobra StunLight™ is a 3-in-1 personal protection device, used by international law enforcement agencies and security professionals around the world, which offers escalating use-of-force to debilitate one or more assailants through the use of high-intensity LED flashlight, a psychological deterring red laser aiming device, and launches a ballistic stream of pepper spray from safe distances of up to 20'.

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About Universal Guardian Holdings

Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc. (UGHO) and its subsidiaries provide a comprehensive range of security products, systems, and services designed to mitigate terrorist and security threats worldwide. Universal Guardian's global risks mitigation group includes strategic and tactical security services, integrated global supply chain visibility and security systems for government and industry, as well as non-lethal and tactical products for law enforcement, military, professional security and consumer markets. Universal Guardian companies features a wide variety of applications that provide cost-effective, end-to-end solutions and critical security services for government and multi-national businesses from operations on every continent.

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