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Brite-Strike Tactical
'Blue Dot' Tactical Illumination Flashlights

The Tactical Blue Dot series is sold to law enforcement officers and agencies only

Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. Press Release - 3/19/2007

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Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. Tactical Illumination Flashlights

Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. Tactical Illumination Flashlights

BOSTON, Ma. - Brite-Strike Technologies Inc., has introduced their new Brite-Strike Tactical 'Blue Dot' Tactical Illumination flashlights to the law enforcement community at the IACP Convention, (International Chiefs of Police) to rave reviews from Chiefs of Police and officers from around the world.

The new line-up offers two sizes (1-cell and 2-cell models) that fit in the palm of your hand that produce up to 90 lumens of brilliant white light (est. 6700 Kelvin) generated from a 3 watt state of the art Luxeon® LED technology from Phillips Lumiled using the very latest generation of EPM, (electronic power management).

Brite-Strike only uses the very top 'bin' selection in all their tactical lights. The two cell model can operate on high for up to four hours and low (35 lumens) for up to 50 hours.

The brilliant white light produced will momentarily blind and disorient a subject during traffic stops and other situations, keeping the officer safe. The light can then be dropped to a low setting and used as a normal flashlight.

The body is CNC machine milled from a solid bar of aircraft grade aluminum and has a mil spec class III hard anodized black finish, and a 'flush' tactical end cap switch so that accidental turn-ons are prevented. The light is equipped with a defensive strike crown on the front and rear for maximum impact when used for weapon retention techniques. The lights are shockproof and waterproof.

These tactical lights are equipped with a reverse 'fast draw' pocket clip that allows for lightning fast draws from a duty belt, BDU pocket, and can be quickly and easily placed on a uniform epaulet with your 'weak' hand even when wearing gloves. The light can also be 'drawn' from an epaulet quickly if needed.

Brite-Strike also offers the 'Protector' series. These high quality tactical flashlights designed for teaching tactical awareness and self defense classes by police officers to the citizens of the community. For more information on this program police departments and officers may contact Jon Neal;

About Bright Strike Tactical Illumination Products

Bright Strike Tactical Illumination Products was started by a police officer to create world class tactical flashlights that had the features that police officers and citizens need to to keep them safe.

For more information, visit the company's website at:

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