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Dynamo Radio Has Flashlight and Siren

Ten Forward Ltd Press Release - 3/21/2007

Multi-function radio features dynamo and external charging capability

TF-16B Hand-crank Dynamo AM/FM Radio

TF-16B Hand-crank Dynamo AM/FM Radio

HONG KONG - Ten Forward Ltd has introduced TF-16B, a hand-crank dynamo AM/FM radio that has a built-in rechargeable NiCd battery. The model features a flashlight, a siren and an LCD alarm clock with backlight. It has wake-to-radio or alarm function.

The product has a built-in speaker. It uses three white LEDs and has charging and power indicators. Its 6V DC dynamo output can generate power to charge low-voltage electronic devices like mobile phones. It measures 190x70x120mm.

About Ten Forward Limited

Ten Forward Limited is a manufacturing and exporting company with its head quarter in Hong Kong and factory in China. We have experience in market high quality audio and emergency products, CD alarm clock radio, mini CD combo, solar & dynamo rechargeable torch radio, and solar & dynamo alarm clock radio with flashlight.

We have been involved in products design, OEM project, and ODM project since 1988. With the strong support of our engineering, R & D, and molding department, we are able to develop new products on a regular bases and provide comprehensive services to our customers ranging from design, development, and analysis.

Our commitment to quality control is very strong. We only use reliable material suppliers and conduct IQC Test, On Productction Test, Life Test, and Transportation Test daily to ensure the quality of our products. In fact, we believe our strength in quality control allows us to build a remarkable image in the market.

Our factory in Shenzhen, China has various departments: Electrical Casing Assembly Division, Plastic Injection Division, Spraying Division, Molding Development Division, R & D, and Engineering Division.

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