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Pelican to Deliver
10,000 New '7060 LED Flashlights' to LAPD

LAPD Chief William Bratton Demonstrates 7060 LED at Parker Center Event

Pelican Products, Inc. Press Release - 4/02/2007

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Pelican Products' 7060 LED Flashlight

Pelican Products' 7060 LED Flashlight

LOS ANGELES, Ca. - Pelican™ Products' CEO Lyndon Faulkner joined LAPD Police Chief William Bratton and uniformed officers at the Department's Parker Center headquarters today to announce the delivery of 10,000 new Pelican 7060 LED flashlights - the first in the nation - to the LAPD. Unveiling the 7060, which will replace the existing flashlight previously supplied to officers by the Department, Chief Bratton commended Pelican, saying "Pelican's 7060 flashlight will give our officers the upper hand in fighting crime."

The Chief also highlighted the important public/private collaboration that produced the new LED flashlight.

"Other critical police equipment has improved as technology has changed, but this is the first time we've made 'high-tech' changes to one of the most vital pieces of equipment an officer carries-their flashlight," said Chief Bratton. "Working with Pelican, we were able to develop a flashlight that will give our officers an upper hand in fighting crime."

Pelican Products, Inc. was selected by the LAPD to work with the Department's senior staff, as well as rank-and-file officers, to collaborate on creating the new flashlight. Pelican designed, engineered, and produced the flashlight at its Torrance, California headquarters facility, about 15 miles south of the City of Los Angeles.

Flanked by uniformed officers, the Police Chief and Faulkner demonstrated the super-white light of the 7060 by using two flashlights to single-handedly light up the blackened Parker Center Auditorium. The 7060's modern LED technology produces a blinding brightness, which will give LAPD officers the crucial seconds they need to gain the upper hand on a suspect and determine the appropriate action - which can save lives.

"We at Pelican Products are especially proud to be equipping one of American's finest law enforcement agencies with the newest, high-tech flashlight available," said Pelican CEO Lyndon Faulkner. "We did not want to merely improve on an existing product, but wanted to revolutionize what officers rely on to light up their night. I am pleased that we've done it."

In speaking of the collaboration, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said in a prepared statement: "As a City, we are always striving to find ways to better equip our police officers and help them do a better job in protecting the people of Los Angeles. I'm pleased to see how the LAPD and Pelican worked together to make significant improvements to one of the most valuable tools that our officers use each and every day."

"We have been extremely pleased with Pelican throughout the entire development process," noted LAPD Commander Terry Hara, who helped lead the effort on the 7060. "While we knew development of the best possible flashlight for LAPD officers would present a challenge, we were impressed that Pelican continually answered the call by pushing the technology and capabilities further and further. The result is a flashlight that is far and away better than anything else we've seen."

As part of the testing process, Pelican sent the test models of the 7060 to more than 100 members of law enforcement across the U.S. Universally, the feedback was extremely positive, and testers were especially impressed with the bright white light and battery life.

The 7060 LED will be available to the general public in June. More information on Pelican's 7060 is available at

Pelican 7060 Background

The unprecedented partnership between Pelican and the LAPD kicked off two years of research and development. While the 7060's features were determined by the specific needs of the LAPD, new technology was developed by Pelican and further improvements were made based on direct input from many of the department's personnel. The result is a unique flashlight that is tremendously brighter than previous LAPD-issued lights, allowing officers to better establish if a suspect several feet away has a gun or other weapon in their hand. The LED lamp is extremely durable and never needs replacing - exceeding 10,000 hours of use, unlike conventional lamps, which fail after 30 hours of use. And the 7060's 90 minutes of continuous battery life - with no loss in intensity compared to current flashlights that dim as the charge depletes - ensures police officers cover their beat armed with a powerful and long-lasting flashlight.

This also marks the first time that the LAPD is providing in-car chargers to their officers, ensuring the new flashlight will last through an entire 12-hour shift.

First-of-its-kind three-way switch technology gives officers a choice to readily switch from patrol to tactical mode in seconds. The 7060 is less than half the weight of the existing standard law enforcement flashlights, allowing officers to easily carry their flashlight at all times. And the smaller size means it's more compact, providing more space on an officer's duty belt for other equipment. The high-impact Xenoy resin body is virtually indestructible and incorporates Pelican's distinctive faceted design.

About Pelican Products, Inc.

Pelican™ Products, Inc. is the leading, internationally-recognized developer and manufacturer of technically-advanced flashlights and indestructible, water tight, equipment Protector™ Cases that are considered the gold standard around the world. Rugged and durable, Pelican products are renowned for their superior quality and dependability, and have become the brand-of-choice for numerous business, safety, sporting and leisure industries. Headquartered in Torrance, California (just south of Los Angeles), the company has more than 600 employees, as well as distribution and sales centers in Europe, Canada, Japan, China, Singapore, and Australia.

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