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LED Lighting Driver Increases Power Density

Zetex Semiconductors plc. Press Release - 4/13/2007

Driver provides adjustable output current of 1A from a SOT23 package

Zetex Semiconductor's ZXLD1360 LED Driver

Zetex Semiconductor's ZXLD1360 LED Driver

MANCHESTER, U.K. - Providing an adjustable output current of 1A from a SOT23 package, the ZXLD1360 LED driver from Zetex Semiconductors offers higher power density than alternative and much larger SO8 devices. A buck regulator device, it operates over a supply range of 7V to 30V and is capable of handling up to 24W of output power in a wide range of high power LED illumination applications.

Achieving up to 95% efficiency, this LED driverís thermally enhanced construction combines with a high level of component integration to create compact LED lighting solutions which are low in part count and simple to configure. The ZXLD1360 integrates a 30V NDMOS switch and a high-side current sensing circuit, which sets the average output current in relation to an external sense resistor.

Where LED brightness control is required, the output current can be adjusted above or below the set value by applying an external DC voltage or PWM control signal to the ADJ pin. The driverís in-built PWM filter also provides a soft-start capability by controlling the rise of input/output current. Soft start time can be further increased using an external capacitor. Applying a low voltage to the ADJ pin turns the output off and puts the device into a low current standby mode.

About Zetex Semiconductors

Zetex is a leading provider of high performance, analog semiconductor solutions for signal processing and power management. The company designs and manufactures a broad range of standard and application-focused linear integrated circuits and discrete semiconductor products using a wide variety of wafer processing technologies.

You can visit Zetex on the web at:

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