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Brunton Provides Portable Solar Panels to Sherpa Everest Climbing Expedition

Brunton Press Release - 4/23/2007

Company's solar panels to provide electrical power for climd dedicated to raising awareness of the Sherpa culture.

Brunton's Solaris 26 Solar Panels

Brunton's Solaris 26 Solar Panels

RIVERTON, Wy. - This April, Brunton makes communication possible on Everest for the strongest team in the history of high altitude mountaineering. Super Sherpas, comprised of world record holders Apa Sherpa and Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa, will climb the peak to raise awareness for the Sherpa culture. This expedition offers the opportunity for a combined thirty Mt. Everest summits between the two team members.

“Brunton has been powering base camps in the most remote reaches of the world for many years. Supporting Super Sherpas and their mission is a natural fit,” says Jason Kintzler, Senior Communications Manager for Brunton. “Our collection of solar panels are tailor-made to power communication systems for the harsh environment of Everest basecamp.” Super Sherpas is using Brunton Solaris 26 solar panels to power a laptop system that the Sherpas will use to produce daily webcasts, and to send updates to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

“Brunton is helping us maintain our communications system to assure safety on the mountain and give us full time internet access,” says Roger Kehr, Super Sherpa Basecamp Manager.

About Super Sherpas

Super Sherpas has a goal to bring world enlightenment to the Sherpa community by highlighting the mountaineering accomplishments of these two Nepali men. Apa Sherpa has stood on the summit of Everest a record 16 times and Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa holds the record ascent in a time of ten hours, 56 minutes. A documentary and book detailing the expedition will be released in 2008. Twenty-five percent of the profits from the documentary and the book will be dispersed to the Nepali people benefiting their schools, hospitals and other local causes.

About Brunton

The leading manufacturer of technical gear for outdoor adventure, Brunton is located in a new, state-of-the-art facility at the gateway to the Wind River Mountains in Riverton, Wyoming. Brunton is well known for innovation in the categories of optics, backpacking, family camping, gps, headlamps, portable power, compasses and instruments. Discover a universe of equipment at

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