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Online Retailer Showcases Full Line Of LED Focus Beam Flashlights

LightsAndKnives.Com Press Release - 4/25/2007

LED Flashlight technology continues to improve as available focus beam lighting technology offers users a better way of navigating their way around the darkness.

Coast LED Lenser Focus Beam LL7438 from LightsAndKnives.Com

Coast LED Lenser Focus Beam LL7438 from LightsAndKnives.Com

PORTLAND, Or. - LightsAndKnives.Com, a Portland, Oregon based online retailer of discount LED lights and personal knives, is showcasing their complete line of focus beam LED flashlights on their secured website. Unlike traditional flashlights with a fixed width beam, focus beam flashlights can be adjusted to provide a narrow beam as needed. Focus beam LED flashlights utilize patented lens technology to prevent dark spots when adjusting from a wide to a narrow beam.

"With the new focus beam flashlights from Coast LED Lenser, you get all the great features of an LED light -- incredibly energy efficient, longer lasting, compact, and durable, plus the flexibility of a focusing beam," stated Rob Willhite, Business Development Manager of DLK at LightsAndKnives.Com. "These flashlights are an excellent addition to the full line of Coast LED Lenser products sold by Discount LED Lights and Knives."

The Coast LED Lenser Focus Beam LL7438 offers 1.5-watt power and 60.2 lumens, drawing power from its three included AAA batteries. Made of a durable metal housing, each flashlight can be expected to shine for up to 85 hours between charges with up to 100,000 hours of lifetime usage. The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee for a product that has been designed to hold up under the most taxing conditions.

"Outdoor enthusiasts need a flashlight that won't break easily if dropped or one that will not burn out after just a few hours of use. The Coast LED Lenser, like so many flashlights we carry, can take a beating. For the hiker accustomed to walking on rough trails or the camper who enjoys the wilderness, they need the assurance that their flashlight will faithfully serve them," explained Willhite.

Every flashlight and knife that retails on the LightsAndKnives.Com (DLK) website is offered at discount prices. DLK also sells Columbia sportswear, hunting knives, batteries, Swiss Army knives, Moppels, and a wide assortment of outdoors items. The company's "Crazy Deal of the Week" feature offers deep discounts on select products in their inventory.

About LightsAndKnives.Com

LightsAndKnives.Com is a leading online retailer of discount LED lights and knives. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company offers LED lighting options for general, professional, tactical, and outdoors use as well as kitchen cutlery, Puma knives, and hunting and fishing knives.

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