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Outdoor Goods Retailer Presents New Auto LED Lenser Lights

LightsAndKnives.Com Press Release - 5/22/2007

Thumb-sized automotive light is making map reading easier for motorists

LL7575 Auto LED by Coast LED Lenser

LL7575 Auto LED by Coast LED Lenser

PORTLAND, Or. - LED technology in the form of a thumb-sized automotive light is making map reading easier for motorists by providing a powerful and long lasting light that stays charged when not in use in the vehicle’s cigarette lighter., a retailer based in Oregon, USA is now offering this new product to customers everywhere.

LightsAndKnives.Com, the Portland, Oregon based outdoor retailer of discount LED has now added the Coast Auto LED Lenser light to their inventory. By taking 21st century technology and placing it in a device that is just two inches long, the Auto LED Lenser light delivers superior lighting and a long life for users.

“This light is perfect for reading a map or looking for items under the seat. Because it’s charging in your car’s cigarette lighter, it is ready to go whenever it’s needed. The LED is designed to last for over 100,000 hours of continuous use so you’ll never have to replace a bulb,” stated Rob Willhite, Business Development Manager of DLK at LightsAndKnives.Com. “There are incandescent lights on the market that plug into your cigarette lighter for charging, but they just look like a flashlight sticking out of your dash. This is the first auto light that actually adds a sleek, high tech look to your car interior.”

The Coast Auto LED Lenser TT7575CP light produces a bright beam as a result of its high quality LED and its crystal reflector tube system. In addition to not requiring a bulb, the light never requires battery replacement.

The Auto LED Lenser’s “moon” lens emits a concentrated circular beam making map reading in the darkest environment possible. When not in use the Auto LED Lenser is placed in a vehicle’s cigarette lighter and a blue light confirms the light’s charge status.

The introduction of the Auto LED Lenser light follows the debut of several other products that have been recently added to the inventory including the LL7506 Emergency Car Lenser, an automotive light that has been selling well internationally.

About LightsAndKnives.Com

LightsAndKnives.Com is a leading online retailer of discount LED lights and knives. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company offers LED lighting options for general, professional, tactical, and outdoors use. Mundial cutlery, Victorinox Swiss army knives, and a wide selection of hunting and fishing knives are just a few of the many products found in the company’s inventory.

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