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Personal Battery Caddy
Slims Down for Summer

Compact and convenient battery caddy that keeps batteries close at hand in any situation

Tools Aviation Press Release - 5/24/2007

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The Personal Battery Caddy

The Personal Battery Caddy

ST. CHARLES, Il. - As retailers across the country prepare for summer storms, wildfires and hurricane season, smart buyers are stocking their shelves with Tools Aviation's patent-pending Personal Battery Caddy (, a compact, convenient battery caddy that keeps batteries close at hand in any situation. And just in time for summer, the company has expanded its original versions to include six new Slim Line styles.

Designed to be easily operated with one hand, the Slim Line Personal Battery Caddies can hold six AAA, four AA, four 9V, four C, four D or four CR123 batteries. Each battery is securely contained in its own locking sleeve to prevent lost batteries. To remove a battery, the user simply pushes the battery up from the bottom, which breaches the locking feature and allows the battery to be pushed out of the top of the holder, while keeping the other batteries securely in place--whether they are alkaline, lithium or rechargeable.

"Each Slim Line Personal Battery Caddy is easy to use and handy for anyone who depends on batteries," stated Rick Foreman, founder of Tools Aviation and inventor of the Personal Battery Caddy. "The Personal Battery Caddy is popular among pilots, photographers, campers, law enforcement, HAM radio operators, boaters, people who travel and homeowners. We expect the Slim Line models to be in high demand for their portability and ease of use."

Tools Aviation also designed the Slim Line with safety in mind: The caddy protects batteries' terminals at both ends, preventing them from touching each other or other metals. As a result, the Personal Battery Caddy can actually help prevent battery-related fires or explosions on airplanes, in cars and at home.

Slim Line Personal Battery Caddies come in a variety of colors, including bright yellow, bright orange and glow-in-the-dark, which remains illuminated for hours after being exposed to just 30 minutes of light-a popular feature among pilots, boaters and law enforcement personnel, as it allows battery packs to be located quickly during an emergency. The caddies are constructed of a high-quality engineered plastic that has proven durable in extreme temperatures.

"Consumers have learned to be prepared for natural disasters, and this is the season when many will be stocking up on emergency supplies," said Foreman. "The Personal Battery Caddy is currently available only through, but we are now encouraging distributors and retailers to add both the Slim Line Personal Battery Caddy as well as our larger models to their product offerings and help more consumers be better prepared for any situation, from camping trips to hurricanes."

To learn more about Tools Aviation and the Slim Line Personal Battery Caddy, or to inquire about wholesale opportunities, visit

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