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Rayovac® Rechargeable Hybrid Battery Wins Design Award

Spectrum Brands Press Release - 5/29/2007

Packaging for new rechargeable batteries among nine Spectrum Brands products honored

Rayovac® Rechargeable Hybrid Battery

Rayovac® Rechargeable Hybrid Battery

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - For consumers, the way a package looks on the store shelf can affect the decision to buy one product over another. The "look" of the package becomes almost as important as what's inside it.

At Spectrum Brands, packaging is paramount to a product's success. Because the company does little advertising on most of its brands, the product package must tell the story.

"Our work speaks for itself because it has to," said Brian Schultz, division vice president and creative director at Spectrum Brands Home and Garden DesignCenter.

With more than a dozen employees, the DesignCenter handles production and design work for packaging, displays and other POP, advertisements, product Web sites, catalogs, and even for Spectrum Brands NASCAR sponsored programs. The DesignCenter creates design standards for all products, essentially becoming the "brand ambassadors" of all Spectrum Brands Home and Garden products.

The DesignCenter recently received nine awards at the annual American Inhouse Design Awards, presented by Graphic Design USA. These Awards honor inhouse designers and teams within corporations, media companies, non-profits, educational and government institutions. For the 2007 Awards, more than 4,000 entries were received.

The Spectrum Brands products receiving the honors in the 2007 American Inhouse Design Awards included packaging for:

  • Rayovac® Rechargeable Hybrid Battery
  • Schultz® Premium Mulch with Weed Stop®
  • Schultz® African Violet Potting Soil Plus™ and Seed Starter Plus™ Potting & Planting Mix
  • Hot Shot® Fogger
  • Cutter® Lemon Eucalyptus repellent
  • Hot Shot® Ultra Clear Roach Gel
  • Expert Gardener® Organic Potting Mix
  • Repel® BiteMD™ & Cutter® BiteMD™
  • Schultz® Garden Soil

"We're proud to be honored with 9 awards from Graphic Design USA magazine," said Schultz. "Although awards are nice, the true measure of our value to Spectrum are rings at the register."

Since 2004, Spectrum Brands DesignCenter has received 45 honors and/or awards from industry groups including Graphic Design USA, American Graphic Design, IMDA International Excellence in Quality, and Package Printing Excellence Awards. These awards have recognized the company's innovative packaging, catalog, product logos, and advertisement designs.

About Spectrum Brands

Spectrum Brands is a global consumer products company and a leading supplier of batteries, lawn and garden care products, specialty pet supplies, shaving and grooming products, household insect control products, personal care products and portable lighting. Spectrum Brands' products are sold by the world's top 25 retailers and are available in more than 1 million stores in more than 120 countries around the world. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Spectrum Brands generated FY2006 revenue of approximately $2.5 billion. The company's stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SPC (NYSE: SPC).

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