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Hurricane Preparedness 2007 – It's Time to Get Ready

The Coleman Company, Inc. Press Release - 6/11/2007

Coleman urges people to prepare for hurricane season with free emergency checklist

Preparing for hurricane season, a family shops for emergency supplies.

Preparing for hurricane season, a family shops for emergency supplies.

WICHITA, Ks. - With images of Hurricane Katrina’s impact on the Gulf Coast still in the news and a pre-hurricane season tropical storm already named, Mother Nature is sending us a message. June 1 begins yet another hurricane season. If this year’s predictions are correct, it’s going to be an active season.

With the advent of the 2007 season, it’s time for everyone in the hurricane prone states to take stock of their level of preparedness. From the National Hurricane Center, to the American Red Cross, to FEMA, to the National Weather Service, all voices in the business of protecting the population from these monster storms are delivering the same vital message, “It’s time to get ready.”

According to emergency management professionals, getting ready for a hurricane is perhaps the most important part of dealing with these storms. Lists of things to do and items to have on hand are available from many federal, state and local sources. The problem is the shear volume of information. People are overwhelmed and, though they understand the importance of the message, they’re flooded and don’t take action.

To streamline this tidal wave of information, The Coleman Company, Inc., has created a list it calls “The Basics – Hurricane Readiness,” a short list of critical items to have on hand and actions to take before the storm season starts. The list includes the absolute necessities and can be customized, based on location and the likelihood of a hurricane or other natural disaster upsetting your world.

“Warning people is one thing,” said Tim Daniel, the head of Coleman’s Emergency Response Team and vice president of specialty sales. Daniel says there’s nothing more important than really being ready. “Getting everyone to actually make their lists and get those vital supplies into the house, that’s the real world challenge,” he said.

Daniel and his team make sure that Coleman does its part in meeting the critical the needs of communities and professional emergency organizations by coordinating product inventory, demand, allocation and transportation in times of crisis. In 2005, before, during and after Hurricane Katrina, he helped manage the distribution of 300 truckloads of supplies for emergency relief in areas hit by the storm.

Because of his many years of experience, Daniel knows first-hand the critical importance of being prepared to survive without help for at least three days. “We thought if we simplified the process with a basic list that didn’t overwhelm people and put it in front of everyone, it might just do the trick,” Daniel said. “So we started honing down the lists from various sources to what we now call ‘The Basics.’ With these critical items in the house, a family should be able to weather the storm and survive the cleanup in relative comfort and safety. But ‘The Basics’ must not be seen as just information. It’s a call to action.”

Says Daniel, “Coleman’s list includes many of the things most people think they have in their homes as a part of their daily lives. ‘The Basics’ is a reminder to check to see if these items are actually there and that they are in usable condition. It’s a wake-up call to go out and get what’s missing from the list and do it now.

“Hurricanes underscore the need for having these supplies at the ready, not only for big weather events, but for any time the electricity goes out. It just makes good sense,” Daniel said. “Being prepared will give people peace of mind, knowing that they can cope in relative comfort.”

“The Basics” begins with a call for common sense, above all, common sense. “Listen to all warnings and take them seriously,” he says. “No heroics, just common sense.” It continues with a dozen items that would really be missed if they weren’t available during a hurricane or other disaster. Included are:

  • Fresh water and non-perishable, non-refrigerated food for three days
  • Flashlights, lanterns and extra batteries or fuel
  • Portable stove and fuel
  • First aid kit and medicines
  • Special items for babies, the elderly and pets
  • Sleeping bags, pillows, airbeds and manual or battery-powered pump
  • Raingear and sturdy footwear
  • Tools for simple repairs
  • A charged cell phone
  • A battery-powered radio or TV
  • Enough cash for three days
  • A working car with a full gas tank

“If people living in the hurricane’s path have these things on hand, life will be a lot better for everyone,” Daniel said. “In addition to publishing ‘The Basics,’ Coleman is doing its part by having inventories of battery and gas-powered lanterns, stoves, propane, liquid fuel, coolers, flashlights, sleeping bags, airbeds and other outdoor gear at as many retail outlets as possible in the critical states likely to be in the storms’ traditional path. And Coleman’s Emergency Response Team continues to work closely with federal, state and local emergency agencies to make sure that what’s needed is where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

“Now it’s up to folks in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, coastal Massachusetts, coastal New Hampshire and coastal Maine to embrace ‘The Basics’ as their marching orders and take the precautions this year. It is in everyone’s best interest.”

For a printable copy of ‘The Basics’ or for more information about emergency preparedness, visit the Coleman Web site at

About The Coleman Company, Inc.

The Coleman Company, Inc. is a world leader in the outdoor recreation market. Since its inception in 1900, Coleman has grown to be the outdoor company – inspiring people to get outside and introducing innovative products for them to use. Today, Coleman designs and develops many of the world’s best lanterns, stoves, tents, sleeping bags and coolers, and sells its products in more than 200 countries. With headquarters in Wichita, Kan., Coleman is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jarden Corporation, and can be found online at Consumers can contact Coleman by phone at 800-835-3278 or by e-mail at

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