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SureFire Dual-Stage L1 LumaMax Features New LED Technology

SureFire, LLC. Press Release - 6/18/2007

Dual-stage L1 now features a brighter, more efficient LED

SureFire's L1 LumaMax LED Flashlight

SureFire's L1 LumaMax LED Flashlight

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Ca. - SureFire®, designer and manufacturer of compact, high-performance illumination tools, has upgraded their dual-stage L1 LumaMax® flashlight with an improved-performance light emitting diode (LED). This new, super-efficient LED generates higher light outputs using the same power source - a single 3-volt lithium battery. Improved efficiency also means that, at a given light output level, the new LED runs longer than the one previously used in the L1

At maximum output, the L1's new LED generates 65 lumens of tactical-level; light—three times that of the previous LED—and runs for 1.5 hours. At its lower level, the electronically controlled LED produces a user-friendly 10 lumens, enough for tasks such as navigating trails or reading maps, and runs for 16 hours. A Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens still covers the L1's LED, maximizing light transmission and creating a beam with a tightly focused center and a gradually diminishing corona.

All of the L1's other features remain the same. It still features a Pyrex® window, a hardanodized aerospace-grade aluminum body that's O-ring sealed, a stainless steel pocket clip, and tailcap switching with SureFire's patented lockout feature to prevent accidental activation. And best of all, the L1's improved performance won't cost consumers any more—its MSRP remains $135.

The L1 comes with a standard white or night-vision-friendly red LED. It is available through authorized SureFire dealers or direct from SureFire by calling 800-828-8809 or going online at

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