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Lighting Pro Technology Introduces the Palmalite Pro

Lighting Pro Technology Press Release - 6/21/2007

The Always Ready, Incredibly Powerful, Long-Lasting Flashlight

Lighting Pro Technology's PALMALITE PRO

Lighting Pro Technology's PALMALITE PRO

WINDSOR, Ct. - Lighting Pro Technology announces the launch of the PALMALITE PRO, a palm-sized flashlight with a 10 YEAR SHELF LIFE. Compact (2" diameter x 3.5" long) and lightweight (5.9 ounces), it can be stored anywhere an emergency flashlight is needed. It is ideal for first responders, fire fighters, EMS, search and rescue, Coast Guard, marine and water rescue, homeland security and preparedness kits.

The PALMALITE works in extreme environments from -20 to 155 degrees farenheit. It will work even after being stored in temperatures down to -40 degrees farenheit. The proprietary design incorporates two 123A lithium batteries that provide 3.5 hours of continuous use and will not lose power while in storage or after periodic use.

The PALMALITE is small, yet powerful. It utilizes a crystal-clear halogen bulb and custom-designed reflector which provide a superior level of brightness of well over 3000 foot-candles and a shadow-free, focused beam. With more light output than ordinary flashlights, the PALMALITE emits a bright light that stays bright until the batteries wear out.

PALMALITE features a high-strength polymer housing with a shatter and scratch-resistant lens which allows it to withstand rough handling. PALMALITE is also waterproof.

Additional features include: (1) large safety pin for attaching to belt, clothing or equipment, (2) intermittent switch setting for emergency signaling, (3) environmentally friendly - lithium batteries do not contain lead, mercury, or cadmium, and, they won't leak or corrode, (4) arrives with batteries loaded, so your PALMALITE is ready to use, (5) distinctive safety-orange housing with yellow lens collar.

Lighting Pro Technology has been supplying the HEADLITE™ to the U.S. Forest Service for over 25 years. NSN 6230-01-493-7630. After 2 million HEADLITES, the company has now moved into designing and building innovative lights for other firefighting, search and rescue, and EMS professionals, such as the TASKLITE™, COATLITE™, and POWERLITE™ 90.

Lighting Pro Technology™ TOOLS...NOT TOYS

For more information, visit the company's website at:

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